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Agent Coulson of SHIELD

Agent Coulson is BAMF.
Watch the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series guys!

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This is great! It really encapsulates the character, even though it's so minimalistic. It's also really pleasingly crisp and clean, as a vector ought be. So well done! I appreciate you sharing the piece! :D

AlexAAdersen's avatar
Love the simplesty of this is't awesome
SvalaW's avatar
Wonderful iconic! Although you don't do much details the figure is instantly recognisable as Phil Coulson.
agentpalmer's avatar
You've been featured with this piece in my Small Oddities post…
alicewieckowska's avatar
Thank you! It's lovely to see my work recommended. You have quite a nice blog going there :D
agentpalmer's avatar
You're very welcome and thank you very much for the wonderful compliment.
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Phil Is Not Only The Leader Of The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., But He's Also The School Principal On "Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Series".
alicewieckowska's avatar
...that fits so well. I think he would do well in any position of authority where you have to calmly solve problems and wrangle stubborn people :D
MrWonderWorks's avatar
Like Peter "Spider-Man" Parker?
alicewieckowska's avatar
Yeah, that one is trouble ;)
MrWonderWorks's avatar
Aw Come On I Mean In Season 1 Peter Was Still The Newest Memeber Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Clockworkalien's avatar
alicewieckowska's avatar
Thank you! A lovely design for a lovely man :D
N4mg1s's avatar
This just became my Cellphone wallpaper! Great work.
alicewieckowska's avatar
Glad you fund use for it!
Coulson is the best - being totally badass in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and all :D
JuneIparis123's avatar
I love Phil Coulson=Clark Greg!!!!!
alicewieckowska's avatar
Yes! He's an amazing character and an amazing actor!
CowWhoHugs's avatar
Love it! And also really like the show. The geeks & Coulson are my favorite characters so far. :3
alicewieckowska's avatar
Yes! Coulson deserves the spolight, especialy when he had so many fans even after his presumed death in the Avengers. And the geeks are my favourite too!
Zeryo9's avatar
This is an amazing piece, really loving the overall style of this!
alicewieckowska's avatar
Thank you! Any ideas for more characters in this style? :D
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