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AO3 Infographic

Infographic to celebrate 1 million fanworks on AO3.

You can see it here on AO3:…

And Tumblr:…
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your project has good colour balance

welcome to my infographics:…
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I bow to you all. :P
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Woohoo! SPN on top! :D
Congratulation AO3 :D
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I can't even count anymore how many SPN fanfictions I have read :D And we have fanfiction for EVERYTHING. Prison AU? Got it. Unicorns? Sure. Love potion? Yep. Omega!verse? tons. I love it.
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The amount of variety is amazing! And they often have a great quality in grammar, spelling and story :)
One of the best websites ever! ^^
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Yes, indeed! The community is the best part though - all those prompts, memes, collaborations, fanarts for other authors fanfiction, podfics...
I agree it's the best website - everyday I have at least a few tabs with continuing or new fanfics open!
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I have mostly read fanfiction when going to bed on my phone, so I don't know that much about the community itself ^^'
Though, I have seen some fanfics that includes art, like Out of the Deep :3
That is indeed amazing!
I also check it every night, and it surprised me how often new fanfiction gets uploaded over there :D
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yay! It's no where near the FFN monster, but the little baby is growing. :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  Nice colour scheme!
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Yeah, FFN is a big thing, but AO3 has better tags/search system :D And people like to keep their porn there ;)
Thanks! I took the logo color as the main one and adjusted everything to it.
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Not that it really gets me that many perks, but joining AO3 was one of the best pseudo-self-destructive things I've ever done. Oh fanfiction. how you have broken me...
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Yep, that was a life-changing decision. So many fanfics. And even if I wanted to read them all there would be new works posted already!
I can _always_ find something interesting there.
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Yep, it's a big fandom! (one I am afraid of joining because there is too much to read and see there XD).
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Indeed there is much to read, but it is worth it. It might start a bit slow but after that small part its action forever more. You'll never be bored, and it will be extremely hard to stop, if you even CAN stop, I was never able to! And never regretted it!! You'll love every single character, bad guys included, you will laugh, cry, curse, swoon and worship Hussie for eternity. V.V Read it, you won't be disappointed.
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It has some amazing art too - I can't help but see it on the tumblr and the variety and quality is amazing.
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Always on top! (but collective Marvel wins if we count it).
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Nah... that's like a vote between novels and throwing in R.L.Stine or other popular writers
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True, true. So, do you see any more of your favourites?
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Did I make Sherlock speechless? ;)
Or is it all those awesome stats?
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