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I love this game and (surprisingly) it helps me to relax lately, so I decided to make some fanart out of it! 

(And I hope that it counts for my Game Challenge xd)
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that's some nice colors

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no problem (✿◠‿◠)

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Świetna praca - istotnie swoim klimatem przypomina grę :D

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It's visually interesting, that you drew the doorway and the fox girl has one foot in one room and one foot entering another. I don't know much about that board game other than what I only read and heard about. But just out of genuine concern for your well being, please be careful. I've never messed with that board game before, but I have had my share of strange experience growing up. Too weird to make sense of it. let's just say, I wish I had a camera on hand for every time things happens, but it's the sort of stuff no one is ever prepared to expect or even believe unless they saw with their own eyes and experienced first hand.

Interesting art work though. Mysterious, eerie and magical. I just sincerely hope it's just a board game and nothing more. What ever you do, listen to your gut feeling or inner intuition. if something feels off, or not right, don't ignore that feeling. Inner intuition has saved my life plenty of times, but only when I took heed to it. In any case, please be safe. :huggle:

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Oh don't worry! Phasmophobia is a video game! :) You play as a team of paranormal investigators and explore haunted locations filled with paranormal activity. Your objective is to find out with what ghost your dealing with. I was never messing with ouija board in real life and I'm not planning too.

But thank you for your concern! :hug:

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Oh! Ok. XD pmd Oshawott icon (phew)

That's different. XD

First I've heard of that game. XD

Your very welcome. You and everyone on DA are always in my thoughts and prayers.


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Powerful pose and I just love that facial expression!

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