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Goodbye Paul

By AliceSacco
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It took me all day and it didn't come out as I wanted
We all miss Paul.
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Poor Undertaker God Bless His Soul R.I.P Paul Bearer (1954-2013)Waaaah! I Hope Undertaker Gets To See Paul Again In Heaven :( (Sad) 
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Your artwork has been added to PNT’s ‘Paul Bearer Memorial Wall’ @ the Undertaker Fan Club’s DeviantART outlet: [link]
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I feel the same way.

Monday, I received word that Nancy Lee Heussner, age 61, founder and director of Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles horseriding for the handicapped (also known as O.A.T.S) in Clarkston, died suddenly and unexpectedly on vacation in Florida.

I don't know for certain, but it sounds like she had a heart attack.

Nancy was a good friend and mentor of mine, first teaching me how to ride a horse and kept improving my skills until I became independent and could ride on my own. She then began teaching me on how to care for a horse, feed all of the company's horses, and even instruct classes.

Then I receive word that Paul Bearer died...
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Trying to make my rounds around here whilst I have a small opportunity to do so. I have all of service information that I’ll be sharing in a bit. Glenn (Kane) has arrived now with his wife and family :’ (

This is precious, and I’m SO glad you took a moment to give Undertaker (original Undertaker too) time alone in his grief in this picture. I know that many fans are going to think you should have added more, but the plain truth is that ‘Paul Bearer’, that character, was designed and created for Undertaker. That was HIS manager ...HIS half ...HIS light source. He was his manager long before the others and he needs this moment to be with him. This is beautiful.
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When i decided to draw this, I though the same. For this I draw the original Undertaker.

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We're all hurting. The more faces I see the more I feel it. Bill's sister has been reaching out to me and I can't say how much I needed that. I have so, so many arts of Paul. I will need to create a memorial @ PNT later once this here has passed.
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I just wanted to quickly let you know that I’ve shared your work on PNT Facebook [link] as well as w/ the family. I confess I fell out on this one. Wow ... I think it has GOT to be the posture, the lax of his arms. He’s completely defeated! When I first saw it I could almost ‘feel’ the impact of his knees when they fell in a hard thud to the grass and ground. Powerful work and certainly a fitting portrait of every COTN ‘round the world today.
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So awful...

Nice tribute, though.
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God, why he...
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Bello. Veramente molto significativo. E triste. Lo adoro.
E posso dire una cosa? Amo come hai fatto la mano e il guanto di Taker.
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Bello... triste...
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;u; I think this came out brilliant, even if you're not 100% happy with it!!~ <3
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Awwww..that's sad..RIP Paul Bearer.

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wow, you put the original western undertaker in. well done. I thought that kane would be in there too.
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Yeah, Kane should too...
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