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Alice P Arthington
United States
Just a Art Lover!

Futanari is a Japanese word meaning "two Form" and an Term for a Hermaphrodite. Futanari is where woman have an penis. An female body with the extra special. But don't mix it up with shemales or ladyboys. That's something different. Why do I use a Japanese term you ask??? Simply because I'm a big Fan of Japanese culture. to be honest i think id be more widely accepted in Japan than in Oklahoma USA where I live.

Being born a Hermaphrodite means I was born with parts from both sexes. at birth i looked enough like a odd male that they tried to raise me as a boy. but i been told they got lots reports from my school how i was very grly. but back to my body. i have a high up anus that i have my period out of, they still cant figure out how since i don't have a uterus. what kinda resembles a cock has been discovered to be more of a hybrid clit. it functions more like a clit. the sensations are of that of a clit and not a cock. only way its pleasurable if treated like a clit. it also goes in my body and only comes out about 2 inches when excited. it is also very high up. i have a scrotum with 1 testicle and 1 ovarie inside. then in the middle i have gotten medical proof i have vaginal tissue, structure and vaginal canal. the only thing is i don't have a opening. in puberty i grew natural 54 DDD breasts that hang to the sides. i am really self conscious about it and have considered of having surgery to pull them more together n natural looking someday.

I came out as a Lesbian on New Years 2018. i was debating my self seriously 30 months before that. but i first started wondering back in 2007. ​I think I'm somewhere between a Lipstick Lesbian (Femme) & Stone Femme. honestly i am not sure myself. all i know is i am a grl that is very fem and prefers skirts and dresses but not a heavy makeup grl either. I don't mean to offend any men, but i get very nervous and scared by them. i will talk to guys but I am only interested in dating local grls. So ​I guess you can say I am 99% Lesbian and for a very Few Lucky Men I'm 1% Bi.

As for my Personality, I am told I am a very Sweet Caring Naive Shy and Timid Follower type of Grl in Person. lots make the mistake of me being a Submissive or a Slave type, but I am not. To be honest that kinda stuff scares the crap out of me. I also very much into Anime, Manga, Cars, & Computers. I do geek out sometimes without realizing i am too.


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