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ness in foodland

The one thing I've always loved the most in Earthbound (besides the wacky and satirical humour style) was the huuuge food selection!! even though the food wasn't shown in game, it always made my imagination run wild. Like, mammoth burger??? trout yogurt? kraken soup??? dang that's cray

I've been playing this game since I was a wee little lass in the 90s so it means a lot to me aaaaaaaa

aside from that, maaaan i was gonna wait until i got a table at AN to post this, since it was a potential print, but looks like my luck ran out this year with the lottery... 8(((((
(tentative: maybe aim for conbravo, unplugged, fan expo, atomic lollipop, otakuthon, aiming for frostcon next year?)

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