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Hi everyone!  I just created a new Official Facebook Page, so if you enjoy my art and would like to receive updates that are far more regular than I post to DeviantArt, please go here and click "Like"!

Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it. :heart:
My artwork has been featured on io9!  Click here for more...…
The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles has accepted one of my pieces into Illustration West 46. Upon the request of the client who commissioned the image that was accepted, it cannot be published online.

But in brighter news, Evan Miller of Anime News Network recently  interviewed me for his column, "The Gallery".  Thanks, Evan. :)

Click here to read the interview
Sorry it's been sooooo long since an update, but I've been very busy.  I update my Livejournal a lot more often, so I don't always remember to copy-and-paste it to my other blog sources.  (Or am just too lazy to.)

So I guess I'll just give you guys a rundown of what's happened in the meantime.

- Had a group exhibition, "Works on Paper", at the Cuchifritos Gallery.…

- Redesigned my website.…

- Was featured in Constellation Magazine.…

I've also favorited news articles on DeviantArt that have mentioned my artwork just to so I can have them nice and neat in one place for easy reference. :)
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CMYK 38 is on newsstands now, featuring two of my pieces.  One of them even made it onto their featured works webpage.

Also Artist's Interpretation 2, featuring "The Fountain" on the cover,  is now available for purchase at ComiXpress.
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I am very honored to have received several features as of late, and I thought I should post about it here.

Firstly, "Ares" was chosen to appear on American Illustration 26's "disTRIBUTE".

And right here on DeviantArt, "The Fountain" was honored on two separate features!  They are the following:

- May Best Of Visual Art
- 5/16/07 Wednesday's Wall of Wow's
From now until the end of December, Limited Edition framed fine art prints of mine are for sale and will be exhibited at the HSBC branch where I was featured a few weeks ago.

Here's the address if you want to check them out and/or pick up a price list.
101 Park Avenue (Between 41st and 40th)
New York, NY 10178
There are 8 pieces spread out all over the lobby, and there are price lists available in the customer service waiting area.

The original paintings as well as the Limited Edition prints are for sale..

Quotes for the originals are available on the price list, and each Limited Edition fine art print is $170 (including the frame).  You can contact me for purchase. :) Of course, open editions are still available at my store, though I'm discontinuing a great deal of them at the end of the month.
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Updated: October 6th, 2006
To MangaNext I go.. Come and find me and say hi. :)

August 1st, 2006
I will be at the Otakon (August 3-6) Artists Alley this weekend at table A04.  Please refer to the map here to find it. :)  I hope to see you all there!

January 13th, 2006
My portfolio domain, and my Print Store is up!  Please check them out!  The prints I offer are about half the price as the ones at my DeviantArt  store!

Alice Meichi @

Store:  <--- half the price of DeviantArt prints!

DeviantArt Store

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Here we are, everybody.. I just uploaded a batch of pieces that I did back in high school that I liked.. ^_^ I'm sure you've already seen them before, though..

Hopefully I'll be uploading college work soon..
I have had this account for the longest, yet have never done anything with it..

If I finish my anime music video in time, hopefully I can start by posting some of my old art up, and working my way up to newer ones..