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Hi... It's a sad day for me...but ...things that happens I guess. I'm deleting this stock...I have no idea of how much time this "mission" will took me, but I'm starting right now. I'm a painter. I started this stock account cause I know how helpful is to have a model when you want to draw something you have in mind. I know how much expensive it is to have a real model, and how difficult it is to find the photos you need. I started this stock account thinking about artists like me, about their needs, about what they could find useful. I put in this stock my passion, my time, my ideas. I must say THANK YOU to all that great artists that
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Hi to everybody! I'm very busy in this period and I really have no time to follow this stock. So....  RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. PERMISSION TO USE MY STOCK FOR PRINTS EXCLUSIVELY HERE ON DEVIANTART. NO OTHER PERMISSION FOR COMMERCIAL USES 2. YOU'RE WELCOME TO NOTE ME ABOUT YOUR WORKS DONE WITH MY STOCK, I LOOK AT THEM ALL BUT I HAVE NO TIME TO COMMENT THEM ALL :) 3. NOT ALLOWED:      - SIMPLY MANIPULATION OF THE PHOTO: I mean, you can't just simply alter the filter or add a blur effect on my photo stock, for example.      - COPY AND PASTE MY FACE ON SOMEONE ELSE NAKED BODY; you can do it but ju
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:dance:  :boogie: THE INNER VISION CONTEST STARTS!!!!!!! :heart: CONTEST INFO: The theme of our contest is "Inner visions". Now don't get all scared at the sight of the theme. It's really not that scary as it may sound. The way we see is that an inner vision (something resided in your mind or soul) can be a plan of future, a hope or a wish for something to happen, a point of view on what's to come or simply the way you wish things were if they aren't. Got your attention now, right? It can be a personal or general idea, a dream or an emotion. Let us get inside your mind through your entry ;) Creativity plays a big role in this contest
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Used here, thank you :) x

Edge of Eternity by TinaLouiseUk
Hello Used Your Awesome Stock Here: Blood Lust by MorticiaLaveau
I've never seen your work. But I did see the beautiful and artistic images that some people did to you. I would have loved to have met your beautiful work. It's a shame that because of a few fools, the rest of the people who do appreciate art can't meet your work.
I sorry for my bad english, I'm using the translator. I talk spanish and portuguese.
:-( I never even got to see your work. Sorry that you had to leave.
Oh this is sooooo sad! I saw so many pics that I loved from your stock and it's so sad to see them all gone. =( I understand why though and I'm sorry people have been such jerks. It's so sad and so frustrating that people would do that others...
Hi dear! I had an old stock from you, and made a pic here: [link] Thank you so much! :love:
I found your stock here: [link]
and I used it as a reference here: [link]

Truly, its a great reference and its a shame you were treated so unkindly.
Thank you.