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September 20, 2007
Photoshop Color Actions 2 by ~AliceInUnderland is a set of 12 actions that are sure to give your photos that finishing touch.
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Photoshop Color Actions 2

A nice splay of photoshop actions that I've created...THESE ARE ACTIONS MADE IN PHOTOSHOP CS2. Anyway, there are 12 actions all together. The photo outlined in red is the original - stock photo by belami [link]

1. Soft Love
- A color adjustment that has a soft/pinkish/pale affect on skin with a feathery gloss over it.

2. Hard Love - Same as Soft Love but without the feathery gloss and a pinch of added contrast.

3. Missing Mile - A dark adjustment that has a tendency to turn some skin shades a pale green. Complete with a vignette and an almost diffused look.

4. Professional BW

5. Professional BW Grain - On some photos, depending on how large, the grain can be a bit overruling or too little. If it doesn't work out, use number 4 and experiment with gaussian noise.

6. Inverted Mary - A very interesting color adjustment (my personal favorite) that has an almost pop-art affect on skin.

7. Inverted Mary Blu - Same as number 6 but with an extreme fill of blue.

8. Soft Bleach - Bleaches out the color and gives the photo a feathery gloss.

9. Dreaming - Gives a high contrasted and feathery look.

10. Summer - Gives a warm glaze, very summerlike.

11. Spring - Gives a greenish/yellowish glaze, very springlike.

12. Happy - And adjustment that I thought this piece wouldn't be complete without. The classic, poloroid-esque remix


EDIT: Omigod, thank you for all who have downloaded/favorited/commented on these! Thank you so much for the DD - I can't believe it! I woke up this morning and had 300 some messages and thought: 'Well, hm...that can't be right...' Then I scrolled down and saw ME! And for those confused about downloading/installing/using these here:
How to Use and Install Actions: [link]
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Thank you so much, they are fab!

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thank you looks great

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This looks great, could you please send a download link:
Very Thank you for the share
Great, like it alot…. want to use it        tina_b_1hotmail. com
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Thank you very much! Very creative!
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I'm impressed!
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SUPERB! can you send this to Thank You!
Whaaw, can you send this to Thankyou
Nice. Can you please send the download link to Thanks and happy holidays!
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Thank you so much!  These are really wonderful!
tks a lot. Will try them.
awesome, please send me the link
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These are wonderful, thanks for sharing!
please could you send it to nospalbc @

thanks a lot
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Hello : ) please send it to :)would really appreciate it thank you
Will you please send to Thanks so much!
very cool - can you send a link to ?
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