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Photoshop Actions 3

There are 15 actions in total - and you get every single one upon download.

The End of the Day set (red dots) is prefered for outside pictures.

The Dreary (the ones with green dots) can be used for anything.

Vintage set (white dots) look different on different pictures (as with all of them, but they vary more than usual).

And the B&W set (yellow dots) can be a bit bright for some photos...

All actions were done by me, they took a lot of time so please CREDIT and or send me a link of what you made. All you have to do to credit me is either say my name (AliceInUnderland) in the decription or provide a link to my account (or both! If you're feeling charitable XD).

Model - Annette Stevens
NOTE: Sorry, those who've looked but haven't downloaded killed the squirrel...Now the widowed fathered of her children must find a way to feed six mouths...congratulations bastards....

Model - Annette


Let me know if there are any problems :)
© 2007 - 2022 AliceInUnderland
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amazing actions :D
Re-Toucher's avatar
never mind. find it :33
Re-Toucher's avatar
im kinda new here ^_^ how do i download these ?
Tyuki-san's avatar
I really hope to use these one day! Until then, thanks for sharing!! :dalove:
Dkelabirath's avatar
The end of the day shots are gorgeous, and the vintage ones perfect for stylisation!
Elextrica's avatar
Amazing actions, I'll surely use them a lot ^_^

But for now, used them just here: [link]

Thank you! <33
Elextrica's avatar
Failed with the link. Silly me :dummy:
[link] *
Skidz528's avatar
How do i use these?
succubolilith's avatar
Well hello =D
I have use your actions in here:[link]

A great pack of actions ^^
So many thanks for having it

Have a beautiful day! :iconsweethugplz:
NyxVzla's avatar
Here two arts with your actions :heart: I just love them


i---feel---sick's avatar
I used your actions here: [link]

Thank you very much. :aww:
Debhnay's avatar
I always use your actions. So useful.

Here I used and recommended them: [link]

Thanks for share.
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Great actions! Used one over here: [link]
Thanks for sharing :heart:
violet-x's avatar
And used again here: [link] ^^
devil-without-horns's avatar
These are great! I tried them briefly and I am already grateful. Thanks a lot!
coopyey's avatar
I would normally tell you that I don't care about squirrels because all they do are try to eat my toes, but in this case, it's a lovely set and I care for the squirrels mentioned.

But for some reason I keep trying to see the eyes in the demo picture as cats eyes. o_o
AliceInUnderland's avatar
I'm glad you care for the squirrels mentioned, so little few people do. I'm also glad that you like my set :D

As for the eyes, yes they are very catlike - that's because she's such a bloody animal ;)
coopyey's avatar
If there's one thing I've learned,
A squirrel who's been threatened needs care. :]
The set works beautifully!
I'll have to use them sometime in a project.

Haha. I see. xD
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used your action here
Amandaaa's avatar

Used there!

AliceInUnderland's avatar
thanks for using! Hope to see more soon!
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i'm downloading ; )
will credit if use :manhug:
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