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It's not really much of a tutorial. I thought I've make a quick something up just for fun...I never actually submitted the picture that I photoshop in this because I had previously submitted 'This Is How I Disappear'.
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how do you lengthen the face with the marque tool?
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I am so going to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!
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This is very badly explained for a tutorial. You seemed to have skipped quite a few steps.
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You seemed to have skipped a step yourself, my dear. Maybe you should have read my comment before you replied. This is - direct quotes - "not much of a tutorial" and "just for fun".
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wonderful tutorial, please keep them comin'!!
what is lomo-ed? sorry im newbie
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Oh, it's like this very sharp color you give it. It's not a filter in photoshop or anything. But I acheived it playing with the curves :) I actually think I might have an action that lomos for download....I think XD
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Subtle, but effective. Makes for more realistic elfies. Love!
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Lol, it's been so long since Ive done it, I actually had to go back and look at this tutorial so I could extend the nose and mouth of in a photo and make it look good XD That's pretty sad :p But then again, it's not much of a tutorial, more like a whiny walkthrough ;p

Hope it helps some people though :)
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Wow, I rally like this tutorial thing, its pretty cool. My ears look a little like MR. Spock's Lol.

This looks really nice, also I've favourited so much of your work apparently, I'm watching you now.
AliceInUnderland's avatar
Haha, thanks for the watch. And thanks for all the fav...:love:
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This is great. Thank you.
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great...but um how did you do the stretching thing with the rectangle marquee tool?
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Free transform. Sorry, I forgot to add that XD It was like really early when I made that.
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which free transform option? i don't really know about that kind of stuff...
AliceInUnderland's avatar
When you select something and right click in the middle of it, it'll show a drop-down option with Free Transform and other options. That's the one I'm talking about....
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i know but which do you mean distort, perspective, scale, etc.?
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Well, I used scale first, then perspective and then warp.
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