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This week the tattoo shop that I'm currently working in will be having its 17th birthday.  I will have been in the industry for three years this December and I am excited about how much my life has changed. 
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Its strange and somewhat sad to think that the world continues to circle around so heartlessly. It did not pause for you. It did not spend a second to mourn. You were gone, and nobody noticed. For months turned into years. Two entire years I neglected to reply to your last message.  I did not know that you would die.  Im sorry. Im so fucking sorry. Id do anything to take time and forcefully turn back its ticking, I wish that I could have given you my reply. Ill miss you.
It will haunt me.

Sweet rest my friend Jan.
Hopefully we will meet again in the next life. Xo
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  • Reading: your last words
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^_____________________ ^

and another chapter of life begins.
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  • Eating: my own limbs
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only because i have to.

1. Are you male or female?:  nameless

2. Describe yourself:
schitzophrenic conversations

3. What do people feel when they're around you?:
lost along the way

4. How would you describe your previous relationship?:
price to pay

5. Describe your current relationship:
tangled up in you / all i want

6. Where would you want to be now?:
so far away

7. How do you feel about love?:  
everything changes

8. What's your life like?:
rainy day parade

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?:
save me

10. Say something wise:
no ones kind
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  • Reading: theres a bear in there and he wants sweedish
  • Watching: dr horrible
  • Playing: tf2
  • Eating: chicken
  • Drinking: pepermint tea