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Rainbow Dash and Tank WP

vectors by :iconsierraex: and :iconshelmo69:

cutie mark by :iconblackgryph0n:
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I loved how she picked Tank. Tank is cool and adorable. :3 my friend Chelsi and I thought she could have kept the falcon too ya know. ya know, that would have been even funnier. XD
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I'm gonna start listening to Parry Gripp's turtle music every time some people, ponies, and yoshies, and etc. get mixed up between a turtle and a tortoise.
AliceHumanSacrifice0's avatar
lol I was listening to that last night
R-Daemonski's avatar
For some reason, the turtle reminds me of the turtle from that old Tootsie Pop commercial with the Owl. :XD:
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aiko137's avatar
Does this mean Celestia is going to have to control Tank's propeller since each unicorn's magic is color coordinated?
BrokeBackMexican's avatar
:I she should have chosen the falcon...i think the fans agree with me on that?
Dizzardy's avatar
No way, Tank trumps the falcon. Plus the turtle helped dash out when she was really in trouble while the falcon just passed her by. If I was dash I'd want Tank having my back.

Giving dash a falcon or eagle is mega lame. It would be a bit "so what?" At least for me anyway.
Draco-Aroace-the-1st's avatar
The writes did not get to chose. Hasbro already made her pet a turtle. this ep. was damage control.
BrokeBackMexican's avatar
way to go hasbro...
AliceHumanSacrifice0's avatar
nope a lot of us love the fact she picked Tank, it suits her
BrokeBackMexican's avatar
I recognized the turtle was a motif as soon as i saw it twice so i knew she'd pick it...basically i was not exited at the end :I
Dizzardy's avatar
To be honest, I don't really watch mlp to be "excited at the end". This isn't "mission impossible" we're watching.

It's a great whole experience from start to finish.

So maybe some things were a little obvious...but I don't think I'd have been satisfied with a different ending (like dash picking the falcon)

It would just make dash look really shallow and I'd be sad at the end.
fireweed15's avatar
I was so happy Dash picked Tank for her pet. It was really sweet that she gave him the chance. <3
Dante8411's avatar
The turtle is pleased with that pony posterior.
Dante8411's avatar
So it is. I guess my toon-terrapin identification skill is rusty.
Dante8411's avatar
[link] I was thinking of this guy.
sutoribenda's avatar
I LOVE Tank! I'm so glad that she chose him, he's adorable! :D
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