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Background ponies WP

play spot the pony

join my group :iconmlp-fim-wallpapers:

vectors by :iconkooner01: :iconmoongazeponies: :icontakua770:
:iconmaximillianveers: :iconsierraex:
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plus all the bases are bald .-.

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its rlly nice! and how do u remember all those background ponies?

i wish someone would make a pegasus base and have like, a group that add hairstyles.

i REALLY wanna make a pony.
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who is the aqua horse.
do you know what the name is of the mare farest to the left
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Top: Derpy
1st Row: Cloud Kicker, Octavia, Roseluck
2nd Row: Seafoam, Berry Punch, Cherry, Lyra, Carrot Top/ Golden Harvest, Bon Bon, Colgate
Fillies: Sunny Daze, Dinky, Berry Pinch/ Cherry Pinch
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The sun cutie mark one is...Bright Eyes!
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The Greatest Team ever assembled!
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nawww, this is going into my wallpaper slides
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Love it.
Who's the filly with the sun mark?
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Tha Backgrounders baby!!!!
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