Errand 6: Poffins

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Maree and William had decided to help with the new errand; which will be their first ever task.

“We’re going to go to the Magnemite’s house down the road!” Maree said with excitement and she rushed out of her lab for the first time in days, William followed behind her as they headed towards the house.

William was glad to finally be able to meet someone outside of the guild but was unable to compete with Maree’s hyper mode today. “Please calm down for your going to annoy them more than talk”

As they reached the house Maree’s nerves started and she hid behind William as he knocked firmly on the wooden door, moments later the Magnemite opened the door. The house was electrically operated so the doors opened when electricity gets shot though by their thunder

“Can I hElp you?” it said in a monotone voice which was only just understand able.

“We’re from the Guild and we were asked to come and see you today” William spoke in a very polite voice and bowed slightly while Maree had somehow got passed them and was already looking at items “That’s Maree; she’s a bit odd…I’m William” He introduced them as he was allowed inside.

“My nAme IS ConA” it said using it’s magnets to pull a tray of Poffins toward the sitting area “PleASe make yourself At hOme” it slid into a chair and started nibbling on one,

“Thank you very much!” Maree said helping herself to a number of them “There really good!”

William who had the smallest poffin he could find nodded in agreement at this and nibbled at his.

“I Mad’ thEm Me Self” Cona said quiet proudly; blushing slightly “I can teaCH you if yoU like”

“Please do!” Maree jumped at this idea and happily followed Cona into the kitchen; William wrote a few notes in a notebook before joining them in the kitchen.


For the next three hours they spent making batches of Poffins (Maree kept eating them) and soon they were sitting down in the living room again with Maree covered in Poffin batter and William had a number of burns.


“I hAd A lot OF fun today!” Cona said taking a bite out of the poffin it had “I often sell some poffins tO Baby Pokémon” Cona seemed to be smiled,

“So it’s quite the hobby” William said licking is burnt arm

“Yeah, One day I want to bE a chef” Cona seemed a bit embarrassed saying it out loud

“I would defently come” Marre said stuffing her bag full of poffins”

“I’m glAd you tHink so, I’ll Give you a diScoUnt when It happens!”


They went home full of poffins and felt they had achieved their goal plus made a friend along the way!

Short but sweet!
I had a hard time coming up with something.
I hate the way crona speaks it's hard to write but I like they way it stands out!
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

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