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William had decided it was time for them to take on their first mission and had headed over to the task board. On it was three wanted ninja Pokémon who had been on the run, one of them stood out and William read out the task

‘Agent 2: Not much is known about this Greninja, and he’s barely been sighted since the incidents of stealing began. Doesn't look like much of a combatant, but considering how well he’s been able to avoid notice this long, I’d say he’s a lot better at covering his tracks than his Sceptile buddy. The Greninja population here’s pretty sparse as well, so that’s a plus. We didn't get a clear look at his face either, so there ain't much to go on other than he’s pretending’ to be a tourist and wears some kinda hood.’

“This one could work for our first mission” William took the task off the board carefully before running back to Team Aries room. In their room Maree had just cause another explosion from a failed experiment “Come on were going on a mission” William said helping her up from the floor

“A mission?” Maree looks at him in confusion but quickly smiles “Well then we better start it”

They headed out of the Guild and towards the town where he had last been spotted William got to work asking people if they had seen a Greninja around while Maree floated around the town in search. Soon enough they spotted Maree sitting in a bar drinking Apple juice. Maree who was much more excitable than normal decided to have a bit of fun and sneaked up behind him and went “BOO!” causing Greninja to jump to the other side of the room.

“What the!” He said talking a defensive stance

“Nice hood, want to swap with mine?” Maree asked losing her sense of rational behaviour and started circling him.

“How dare you treat a tourist this way” He said

“Oh really, but aren’t you Agent 2 Part of the ninja thief’s” William said coming into the bar

“So what, just get this blasted girl away!” He said trying to bat Maree away.

William used Force Palm against Maree knocking her out cold “What’s your name?”

“Quinn” He said rushing to William side.

The other two ninja thief where apprehended along with Quinn and apparently Quinn developed a fear of Ghost Pokémon.

I know it way to late but I felt bad thats it's just sitting there in my files...
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