Delta Sodality - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Setting the Trap

The FBI field office in Philadelphia is two blocks from the Liberty Bell and ironically only a short twenty-minute walk from Kristina’s brownstone, not that she would ever be seen walking into a federal building. Instead, she pulled out a burner phone as she walked along the Schuylkill river on a warm afternoon. There were more than a few people taking advantage of the sunny day, jogging and walking along the boardwalk and a woman walking along talking through her ear buds wouldn’t draw attention or stand out on any grainy security footage from nearby surveillance cameras.

“Special Agent Harris,” the woman’s voice spoke authoritatively.

Kristina had thought she was ready for the call but when she heard the agent answer, the reality of the moment caught her and she froze.


“Agent Harris…ah…we haven’t met or spoken before, but I think you are the right person to speak to.”

“Ok, I’m listening,” she replied.

Special Agent Angela Harris was a twenty-year veteran of the FBI’s Foreign Counterintelligence Division and was particularly focused on corporate espionage. While she caught and prosecuted any number of corporate spies over the years, very rarely did they just call her and confess. To say she was taken aback by the call would be understating the emotions that coursed through her as Kristina spoke. Indeed, she was in a mild state of shock, even more so as Kristina described the breadth of the Delta Sodality operation as well as depth of the threat they posed. She spoke for exactly two minutes then posed a simple question to Agent Harris.

“If I give you this organization, on a silver platter, will you give me full immunity and allow me to stay incognitos?”

“I would need to speak to my superiors, but if you can do what you say you can do then I feel certain we can make a deal.”

“Find out what you need to, and I will call you back.”

Kristina clicked off the line then powered down the phone. As she turned to walk down the boardwalk, she casually tossed the phone into the river.


Six Weeks Earlier

“We believe we have found the target, or at least know where he will be. He has a new alias. I will send you an encrypted file with pictures of him. He’s been invited to an exclusive conference put on by the Blackstone Group for a group of investors. He’ll be at the Conrad hotel the evening of the 12th. You will need to find him and get him up to the meeting room where we will then deal with him,” came the voice.

“Andrei, what has this man done to you that you would use this weapon on him. It is not reversable. Surely you can use some other means to extract what you want,” Kristina said boldly.

“Do not use my name woman!” Andrei hissed into the phone.

“Very well, but why this?” she persisted.

“We had a defection, almost 11 years ago,” Andrei started.

He knew it unwise to speak openly on the phone, but he wanted her to know what happened to those that crossed the Delta Sodality.

“Our youngest member, Stanislav, a financial wizard of sorts, absconded and disappeared. At first, we thought he had stolen from us. But we soon learned, he didn’t steal our money, he left it where it was but left us without the ability to get to it. Only he has the authorization to get into the account. And so, it sits there. Our money mocking us. Not only must he give us access to our account, but he must pay for what he did.”

“You will not fail us Kristina,” he said, emphasizing her name before disconnecting the line.

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