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So cheezy it oozes cheese.

Drew this a longgg while ago, finally got some time to finish it. I started out liking those colors but at least there isn't as much green this time around.
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Very beautiful!! I added this to my faves :heart:
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Totally beautiful!!! 
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-sigh- No words, my friend, no words.. SO BEAUTIFULLLL
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I love the cheesiness and the sweetness :heart: her little blush made me smile, I really like this piece.
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sooooo beautifulll
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OMG!!!! It is sooooo pretty!!! I love all the colors, especially the gold lineing! It just makes the picture so magical (no pun intended). Yes it is cheezy but sometimes cheese is good for the soul.
Love the colors
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wow my favorite part about this is by FAR the colors. they're incredibly gorgeous. so that's ironic you're not satisfied with them!
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I really like it--especially the colors. But I know exactly what you mean! I've gone through that many times; starting out liking the colors I'm using, then by the end I'm like "ugh...what was I thinking?!" Maybe it's just a thing of getting too much of it while you're working on it.
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Beautiful work! I love the colours, expressions, the mood you've set here. So pretty!
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This is everything wonderful! Does that make any sense? Haha. This is play, this is light, it's love, surprise, beauty... I just love it! =D
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I like the expression on her face.
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Totally and utterly adorable!!! :heart:
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so amazing. looks like a dream
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The way you made them glow <3
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This is just darling. I love the colours.
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The colors are so beautiful!
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I love this color pallet and their adorable expressions. Very cute and well composed.
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