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Time Flies jewellery tutorial

By aliceazzo
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heh, well a lot of people liked my other tutorial and it got Daily Deviation, so I thought I'd upload another little one as a sort of thank-you. :)

all hail to the mighty cocktail stick! :worship:

oh, and sorry about the bad quality of some of the photos, I'm having camera issues atm.
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quick question, did you take the watch face off an old watch or did you buy it o.o?
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wow, that's cool! thanks for the tutorial, pretty helpful ^_^
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This is so pretty *^*
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lovely tutorial!!
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this is soooooo pretty!!!! XD
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LOL you must really love those cocktail sticks! >w<

Since the piece is absolutely delicate, perhaps using something else besides a cocktail stick might be better? I think it would be an awesome brooch to make,,, but I suppose I just have to try it myself!

Thanks again for sharing :)
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I do love my cocktail sticks! I have a big pack of 2000 of 'em. :giggle:
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This gives me some great ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts :D Thanks!
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where did you get the FIMO from??

I went to diff. bookstores here, and they say the FIMO company has stopped producing FIMO...........=A=/////
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If you can't find it in a store, I'd suggest just Googling it. :) You can buy Fimo (or some equivalent like Sculpey) online pretty much anywhere and get it delivered.
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=D thankyou~~
but LOL~~ has no ATM.... ^.^"
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Never thought about that. I'll definently try it sometime! Thanks for the tutorial =D
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:+fav: This tutorial is featured in "Costume Design 101" for Costume Week.

Thank you for sharing your design techniques with the community!
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wow, this is perfect. I'm thinking of making something like this for my best friend who loves this sort of thing.
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wow! more inspiration. Now if only i could remove the pins off most of the gears i salvaged from my clock i would be in business.

Your tuts actually gave me a new light on steampunk. I always thought it was a tricky fickle process of examination and thought to making a beautiful object but you made this tut so simple and exciting to read.
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Aww thats so cute, I love those little wings :D
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I loved both of the tutorials! They were such good ideas! I'll have to try them sometime. C:
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Is a cocktail stick the same as a toothpick?
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yep exactly the same
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