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September 17, 2009
Steampunk Heart Necklace Tut. by ~aliceazzo is an easy to follow tutorial that comes out with brilliant results - fabulous!
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Steampunk Heart Necklace Tut.



EDIT#2 : Ok, so I'm getting a lot of comments asking where to get cogs etc, if you don't have any old watches to wildy destroy. For this I can only say EBAY! There are always a few such things on there for fairly reasonable prices, and your only other option is to have a look in a local craft store to see what they have. :meow:

EDIT: omg, daily deviation! That's never happened before, thanks everyone! :D:D:D

My first ever tutorial! :D

I made a couple of steampunk type jewellery items that I was quite pleased with, so I thought I'd make a short tutorial for them.

Please comment! And if anyone makes anything from this, I'd love to see a picture of it. :)
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Fascinating results with fairly easy steps - thank you for a great tut!