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10th Anniversary on DeviantArt by Alice-Pandora 10th Anniversary on DeviantArt :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 2 1 Hate by Alice-Pandora Hate :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 5 0 Neon Genesis Evangelion || Rei Ayanami by Alice-Pandora Neon Genesis Evangelion || Rei Ayanami :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 8 2 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA || ZELDA SS by Alice-Pandora THE LEGEND OF ZELDA || ZELDA SS :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 30 1 Silver Heart by Alice-Pandora Silver Heart :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 7 0 Why...? by Alice-Pandora Why...? :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 16 5 CODE GEASS || Lelouch Lamperouge by Alice-Pandora CODE GEASS || Lelouch Lamperouge :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 19 0 FIRE EMBLEM || Female Corrin by Alice-Pandora FIRE EMBLEM || Female Corrin :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 46 2 ONE PIECE || Monkey D. Luffy by Alice-Pandora ONE PIECE || Monkey D. Luffy :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 21 2 Grass 2 by Alice-Pandora Grass 2 :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 26 2 TALES OF SYMPHONIA || Colette and Lloyd by Alice-Pandora TALES OF SYMPHONIA || Colette and Lloyd :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 18 7 Grass by Alice-Pandora Grass :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 30 4 HUNTER X HUNTER || Chibi Hisoka Morow by Alice-Pandora HUNTER X HUNTER || Chibi Hisoka Morow :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 19 5 HUNTER X HUNTER || Chibi Gon Freecss by Alice-Pandora HUNTER X HUNTER || Chibi Gon Freecss :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 31 1 Chitoge - Nisekoi by Alice-Pandora Chitoge - Nisekoi :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 18 2 Hisoka by Alice-Pandora Hisoka :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 19 7


Persephone by JanainaArt Persephone :iconjanainaart:JanainaArt 1,818 73 All For Nothing by Amarzbar All For Nothing :iconamarzbar:Amarzbar 501 26 Link: Breath of The Wild by chiarasanchi Link: Breath of The Wild :iconchiarasanchi:chiarasanchi 470 16
In His Arms (Aizawa Shota x Reader)
Today is finally the day. After three years of training and testing, the time has finally come. It's time for you to start working as a pro hero. Soon you'll be working at the notorious Endeavor agency as a sidekick of one of the most popular heroes. While packing the last of your belongings, your eyes examine your now barren bedroom. All of your hero posters are gone. 
Your closet is vacant. 
Your bed is barren.
You smiled as the reality of the situation finally was setting in.
And it was all bittersweet.
One part of you misses the days at U.A. Even though the tests were terrible, learning to perfect your quirk and befriending different people were memories you held dear to your heart. 
But the other part of you was ecstatic! You'll finally be able to fight some of biggest villains and help people in need. You'll be able to make [Hero Name] a household name.
You squealed in excitement at the thought of working with the
:iconlost-in-paradise666:lost-in-paradise666 36 0
Under Stress [Shota Aizawa x Reader]
“Okay, everyone, I'm passing back your unit tests!”
[Name] had studied her ass off for this test, because she knew how her parents would react if she failed. Eventually, the teacher placed [Name’s] test face-down on her desk. She flipped it over discreetly, and the color immediately drained from her face when she saw her grade.
It was a D.
Technically, this was still a passing grade, but for someone with strict-as-fuck parents and low self-esteem, this barely-passing D might as well have been an F. And the comments floating around class only made her feel worse:
“Aw, I got an F. Whatever, my parents don’t care.”
“Eighty-nine percent? Damn, I was so close to getting an A!”
“A C? I guess that’s not a terrible grade...”
[Name], whose vision was already starting to blur from her tears, stood up and went over to the teacher's desk to ask if she could go outside for a bit.
The teacher, noticing [Name’s] barely held-toget
:iconepodynothanato:EpodynoThanato 35 0
Pregnancy [Bakugou | Reader]
Modern AU

pregnancy | labor


3rd Month in
            It was a call of his name spoken as a question, but she already knew the answer. He had almost never fallen asleep since she had told him. He was always too busy worrying about what could happen to her.
            “Do you really think (Girl’s Name) is a good name?” the girl asks softly, rising from her position in the (Name)-carved crook of his arm and resting her chin on the space between his pecs.
            “I do.” She hears irritation in his voice. She had asked it many times before.
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 44 12
One Morning [Bakugou | Reader]
Fem!Reader | Bakugou Katsuki
Last night composed of kisses and her back arching from the bed, of panted and murmured names, pounding hearts that created the most beautiful of images. Her voice, her name, her face would always stay imprinted in his mind.
            Before he became the best hero, internationally, she was who he looked after, she was the only person he wanted to protect. He was sure that he was her hero, and that all she would ever see in him was his passion, his dreams, and his subtle affections.
            In his eyes, she was his hero too.
            She was late nights telling him that he was not inferior to anyone, kisses he would half-heartedly wave away, non-existent circles she would draw on h
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 62 10
Text Talk [Bakugou | Reader]
(Name) has logged into (Name) and Kacchan’s chat
[11:50 PM]
From: (Name)
To: Kacchan
hey katsu
[11:54 PM]
From: (Name)
To: Kacchan
mina made me say it im sorry
(Name) has logged off the chat
Kacchan has logged into (Name) and Kacchan’s chat
[12:01 AM]
From: Kacchan
To: (Name)
what the hell does ily mean
[12:04 AM]
From: Kacchan
To: (Name)
answer me u shit
Kacchan has logged off the chat
Kacchan has logged into Idol and The Awesome Rock’s chat
[12:02 AM]
From: Idol
To: The Awesome Rock
what the hell does ily mean
[12:10 AM]
From: The Awesome Rock
To: Idol
sorry late reply man
[12:11 AM]
From: Idol
To: The Awesome Rock
answer me earlier u bastard
what does it mean
[12:12 AM]
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 82 18
Training [Aizawa | Reader]

"Left," you state, swiftly dodging another punch he throws at you, before you repeat the word. A flurry of punches fly at you, yet you evade all of them gracefully and quickly. Deciding to test the man's reflexes, you step into your stance and powerfully fling your leg up, boot slamming into Aizawa's chin and forcing a grunt out of him, your hands in your pockets. Eyeing him as he stumbles, you roll your eyes as he growls out that you were only supposed to defend yourself.
"What's wrong with checking your reflexes?" you smirk at him, to which his eyes narrow at. "See? Nothing."
Cursing quietly, his head suddenly snaps up, and your eyes meet in a fierce glare. You lift an eyebrow, body tensing, and it was right to do so. You had lost sight of Aizawa, the fast bastard. Exhaling through your nose in annoyance, you close your eyes and spin around, nearly landing a punch on him, yet he eludes it, attempting to sweep the back of your legs with his o
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 52 4
..:: Concerned ::..
Aizawa X Reader: Concerned
    It was Friday night, and that meant it was girls night. The time where you and your girls would hit up the town for the grandest of times together. You got yourself all dressed up, makeup and outfit perfect for the night. Aizawa watched you get ready from your shared bedroom, tired eyes closing as he eventually turned over to let that side of his head cool off.
    “So you’re going out tonight?” Aizawa spoke just loud enough for you to hear, opening his eyes wide enough to read the time 10:42 on the digital clock at his bedside.
    “Yup! It’s been a while since I’ve gone out with the girls, so I figured we’d get together tonight. You know, for old times sake.” You answered gleefully, doing the finishing touches on your makeup. “I’ll be out late tonight, so try not to worry too much hun~” You hummed, stepping out of the bathroom an
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 29 3
..:: Your Fault ::..
Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead) X Reader
    Spending the night at Aizawa’s place on weekends was something you took great pleasure in. Considering you had so much crap that you couldn’t quite move in to his cozy little apartment just yet, you relished in the moments you got to spend with him, even if it only was just weekends. You shared the same bed, which was a delight you used to only dream of until now. Usually, you got up earlier than him to make breakfast, but when you leave he cocoons himself in the quilt and sheets, almost trapped in a wrap of blankets by the time you return with news of breakfast. This Saturday morning was no exception to that routine of course, the usual wrap of blankets being around him when you came back to his room.
    It was already ten thirty and he still hadn’t gotten up. It truly was a miracle that he ever made it to school on time at all considering how strongly he refused to get up now. Even the
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 198 5
..:: Wrapped Up ::..
Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead) X Reader
    It was Halloween at UA High, the first holiday of the year that everyone got into once classes ended. All of the staff members had planned a huge Halloween party for the students, you of course pulling everything together in the end with your never-ending excitement driving you to do so. The gym was all decked out with decorations, all the storage rooms now small haunted houses with a DJ to provide the true musical party for everyone. There were at least a dozen tables full of dinks and snacks on one side of the gym, suppling the young teens with enough energy to last them through this wild party.
    So far the party was a hit. Even the teachers were having fun on supervising duty, which means you out everything together perfectly. But of course, there was one teacher you couldn’t find in plain sight; IyourI teacher that you claimed after hours. Aizawa Shouta was found standing in the corner of the g
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 122 4
Yato and Iki by artsbycarlos Yato and Iki :iconartsbycarlos:artsbycarlos 387 9 Yukine Noragami by artsbycarlos Yukine Noragami :iconartsbycarlos:artsbycarlos 353 11 Cry Baby by artsbycarlos Cry Baby :iconartsbycarlos:artsbycarlos 218 5 Link by artsbycarlos Link :iconartsbycarlos:artsbycarlos 608 13





10th Anniversary on DeviantArt
Hi, everyone!

Well last wednesday I remembered this year is my 10th anniversary on deviantart as Alice Pandora 😮 I thought it was on Nov 8, but when I checked on the website, I realized it was on Nov 6, that's why I always forget people's birthday, I can only remember my family's and some friends' birthday 😅

I thought in letting pass the day because it was a day before, but I decided to draw something to celebrate it a little. Maybe in these 10 years I haven't been so active or haven't improved as much as I wanted but I'm happy because I have o lot of memories with this account and I've met amazing people who inspire others to keep working and improve ❤️, and that really helps a lot, specially when you feel that you're worthless at drawing.

Well, getting back with the drawing, I did it this weekend (saturday-sunday) and I painted it with watercolors ❤️ I made mistakes because I'm new using watercolors but I loved it anyway. I specially loved Zombie's hat, more than mine 😂

I think that's all but before I leave, I want to thank you for all your support on DeviantArt , facebook or instagram... THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️!!

Have a good night, a nice day, week,month,life, etc. I LOVE YOU 😘❤️
"It was a feeling growing inside of me, maybe it was hate… but I didn't know if I was hating myself or someone/something else… I just wanted to stopped it but I wasn't sure how…"

Follow me on: 
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Instagram: kirsche.bunny   :heart:
I know I haven't been here for a while, but I've been a little busy :'(
Last night I was listening some Zelda music and I started to drawing this, so I'll try to color it these days and upload it :D

Hope you like it :D :heart:


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Cecilia Guerrero
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Kirsche Bunny :heart:





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