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Altair Species Sheet by Alibastar Altair Species Sheet by Alibastar
I've been working on this for a while with some of my close friends and I am happy to finally announce my new species, Altair! A trait sheet is soon to come and our group page is under construction, but I was way too excited to get these cuties out.


They are a humanoid species whos magic manifests in the forms of wing markings on their bodies. There is a ritual that high ranked individuals are able to perform in order to release the magic of younger altair when they come of age. Then they are able to hide their wings as markings or unfurl them as they desire. Because of their feathers containing magic hunters and collectors tend to come after them and thus their specie is highly sought after. Thus creating the heirarchy of ranks that they take in order to create a stable community for their young ones to live in. They live in a difficult world with many different predators that hopefully will be introduced soon as well.

There are a variety of elements for Altair to have and the higher they go the more dangerous they are to use. This is an area that is also under development so more types of magic can potentially be added later on down the road. There are also a wide variety of traits that I hope to encorporate. Though balancing is turning out to be a fun act.

Common: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind
Uncommon: Lightning, Magma, Metal, Bloom, Ice, Storm
Rare: Time and Dreams
Mythic: Life, Void, Death

Altair are a closed species by me and you are not allowed to make your own unless I have given you explicit permission.
Please feel free to refer to the T.o.S. if you do end up owning one. Feel free to ask questions or anything as well! :) Will help me develop and faq, haha.
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