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Pedophile co ring leader with Mike Roger Benton of Santa Rosa who also impersonated a Sheriff Deputy and uses the name of Mike Eaton or Richard Eaton of Santa Rosa his brother... attacked me with Mike last night next to the Santa Rosa Mall near the 101 freeway all night long!
This is just another screen shot of me trying to get help but these same asshole human traffickers and murderers of the Dalai Lama turned me in on facebook as a spammer and I cannot log in any more because I have been desperately been trying to reach the Dalai Lama with the horrific news that thos two men MURDERED The 20 year old next Dalai Lama just last week right in front of me!I have physical proof with me I am carrying RIGHT NOW! I also have been trying to reach Homeland Security as well as President Obama and all attempts have been blocked 


They are using "NWO torture ware 6.66 software" to electronically torture and mind control human trafficking victims and prostitution rings locally and globally.  I will post a screen shot next of the software they use illegally from law enforcement agencies and there home computers to murder there victims with.

  Yes his real name is Robert Benton NOT BARNES! He is my step uncle and his brother My step father who works for the Sonoma County Sheriffs Department his name is MIKE ROGER BENTON not Mike Eaton or Richard Eaton.The local law enforcement agencies are hiding a massive pedophile human trafficking ring who has been murdering hundreds of people using electric band saws to cut up victims and burying them near the freeway in Petaluma then disposing of the body parts in the petaluma river .A woman by the name of "Gwendolyn"who camps near the river across the street from the police department is in charge of burying and disposing the body parts.These Two men are also THE ORIGINAL ZODIAC KILLERS.Many bodies are buries in a field near the railroad tracks as well as massive amounts of drugs and money.195 Cinnabar Avenue Petaluma plays a major role in this activity as well as 1259 North Petaluma Blvd holds many drugs and kidnapped human trafficking victims who are bound by electronic crowd control devices(microchips and online MRI brainscans) that Verizon Wireless handles the carriers for.My older step Sister Mike Bentons oldest Daughter "Susan Gore"aka ShatkiSusan of Verizon Wireless and Dirty Virgin Winery in Healdsburg ca also plays a major role in the Human Trafficking pedophile network.I have hundreds of xxx rated under age extortion videos of my two daughters and other local under age kidnapped victims that were given to me by my relatives who operate the network.I have tried to contact you several times and will be filing lawsuits if I receive no response by you as kidnapped victims including the 20 year old Dalai Lama who I witness be murdered just last week is GIVEN to US NOW CONTACT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE DALAI LAMA or we will see you in Supreme Civil Federal Courts.THIS IS A DEADLY GAME YOU ARE PLAYING BLOCKING MY PAGE and posts showing physical proof of the victims being kidnapped and murdered and where the perpetrators are operating from.Top Secret Agent Wade Pound Temple.
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Hey Brother, took the Mark in my sleep 18 months ago. Me and my wife both did from a child molester Austin Hutsell/ aka clarence Aisle who was David Burtrum lilttle chomo body back in Springfield , mo David Burtrum from Corona California, my daughter has been molested by these guys, my wife was targeted for prostitution and human sex trafficking by a few men, Clarence Aisle has been in control of me and her genitals for about 18 months and counting in soon to be one of the richest people in the world how do I get my own software where I can use my own dick

He won’t give me my software, he has been molesting me everyday for 18 months v2k from the emf broadcast sent from his cell phone to my microwave ict implant all he does is pump my body full of radiation , I am a union vested carpenter with 2 pensions and u hook me up , I’ll make it where you don’t have to work no more