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Kung Fu Monkey Robot

This piece is a couple of years old now, one of my last 3D projects. Caligari's official website bestowed an honorary mention on the piece for Nov 03'.

Software: TrueSpace 4, Photoshop
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H-o-t-G-o-d's avatar
Great work!

Can you explain (or even post the .mtl file) how you achieved the metal look? I've been trying to achieve this metal on my "Desert Eagle" gun but you've done a much better job.
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Hey thanks man. I did this piece so long ago now that I barely remember how I did it, but as I recall I just used a brush steel texture map and played around with bump map resolution, if I used a shader I'm not sure what it was. I haven't done any CG projects for a few years now, my current rig isn't up to moving polygons.
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Hmm... this appears to be the best robot monkey in DA. Good work! I will continue to look for other robot monkeys, but so far I believe yours has the best overall shape and quality. I would like to see more detail though.
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Thanks, I appreciate that.
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I've just started trying to learn this program. Can't believe it's free. I thought it wouldn't be able to produce results comparible to 3ds max or Maya or Softimage which i've looked into but you've shown me with a bit of work it's just as good. And it runs on my laptop which was a problem with the other larger programs.'ve inspired me to keep working at it.
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Well thank you very much, yeah I loved TrueSpace, interesting that Microsoft bought them out.
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hi AliasGhost. have you posted any of your work on the Caligari forums? i´d really love to see more of your renderings XD
BTW version 7.6 is free now!
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Hey David, no I haven't posted on the Caligari forums. I was at on point under Caligari's links page and won several honorable mentions from them. I still have a soft spot in my heart for TrueSpace. Here's more of my stuff [link]
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nice kungfu monkey robot dude.. . .
BeNtukoRN's avatar
no problemo dude.. :D
awesome work dude..
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omg i just realized this wasn't a picture xD
SixxFeetBelow's avatar
what program is in the background it looks interesting... =O???
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That would be TrueSpace 4 by Caligari, I believe they are on version 7.5 now. It's a pretty good mid range product, I used it for years.
SixxFeetBelow's avatar
cool, thanks, i downloaded a trial version..its very confusing xD
AliasGhost's avatar
Yeah it can be, I found it less so than Maya.
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it's amazing!!!!
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Wow! i thought that was real! awesome job!
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Great job.
Robotic monkeys huh? Did I see somthing like that in either a old Dreamcast Magazine or Xbox Magazine?
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wow! this is amazing mate. how long did this take you? and can i ask what was the project? the buffed alloy texture is great!
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thanks! Yeah it was going to be a short based on world domination by robotic monkeys, he had jet pack guns all ready to rock, but the idea was bigger than my budget or time would allow. Such is life I guess.
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