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Ultra Calendar with notes - Rainmeter

Who doesn't need a calendar  with notes ? I was awfully surprised to see that they are almost non existent in the rainmeter landscape so I took some pieces of code here and there and created this. I hope it will be useful to some people beside me.
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Great skin. Fantastic. But there's an Error log:

Ultra Calender Error

!HideMeter:[mPrevDay06] not found

... because it was missing the entire [mPrevDay06] block of code. I simply looked at [mPrevDay05] and [mPrevDa04] to see what the proper lines of code were and created the [mPrevDay06] code block. Placing it after the [TodayHL06] section so it looks like this:



Meter =image

X =r

Y =r

H =#HL.height#

W =#HL.width#


lor =#HL.color#

Hidden =1



Meter =string

MeasureName =cPrevMonthDay06

X =#pD7.x#

Y =#pW1.y#

FontColor =#PrevMonth.color#

FontFace =#PrevMonth.font#

FontSize =#PrevMonth.size#

stringAlign =#PrevMonth.align#



AntiAlias =#AA#


thank you, its so useful for me and my classmates :heart:

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Great calendar! Notes work well. Thank you for making!!

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Hi sorry to disturb but i was wondering how to change the text box font. I managed to change the numbers font but not the ''monday - sunday'' font and the text inside the box.

Awesome calendar by the way, very useful ^^
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Is there any way to make it so Sunday is the first day of the week?
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Excelent!! Thanks for this!! I was looking for something like this and is even better with the toggle botton!!
Is there any way to make it a bit smaller/more attractive? Great skin though, it does exactly what I want just wanted something a little nicer on the eyes. 
Thanks for this. It works great, especially combined with the toggle button.
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"I took some pieces of code here and there and created this."
You really should credit where you took the code from (as you did with your other skins).

Anyways, looks good. Rainmeter is sadly lacking in functioning calendars. There is Rainlender as an alternative, but it still makes me curious why there is such a deficit when calendars are such a huge part of peoples lives =P But, I see a lot of people asking for functioning calendars (as in more than just checking the date), so I'm sure there are plenty of others who will find this useful.
Hey man, absolutely love this calendar, i was wondering where in the .ini the size of the actual note font was. I need to put some more info for school in there than i can fit with the current size. Thank you and keep up the good work!!
Hey man, love this calendar but its too big. Is it possible to resize it as I want to ? and change the color ? Im new to rainmeter. Thanks ! 
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Yeah sure. First you right click the calendar then edit, it should open a text editor. For the color of each day you just change the value of "mondaycolor=0,0,0,200". The first three zeros correspond to the color in the RGB form and you can go there… in order to choose a color and get its RGB code. The last number, 200 is the level of transparence on a 255 base: you can set anything between 0 (totally invisible) and 255 totally opaque. If you don't put this last number the element will be opaque by default.

"bg=" is the background color
"writefontcolor=" and "writefontsize=" are the notes' text color and size.
"ultraheight=" and "ultrawidth=" are height and width of the calendar, feel free to change them, everything should keep their proportions.
All these values are in the beginning of the text right after the 42 days. If you have trouble finding them just hit ctrl+f and type for example ""ultrawidth=" witrhout the quotes it will bring you to it.
Hope it was what you wanted, if you have other questions don't hesitate.
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Well now; this is very nice, thank you. I would love it if there was an icon to bring it up when I need it or if it minimized to a heading or something? Maybe just a small current date, IDK. I will use it, I just have to look it up each time. Again, thank you, nice job.
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At your request I made a skin that toggles the calendar :…

In the description I explain how to use the toggle command and know that you can add the command to any skin so that any skin can toggle any other number of skins on a simple click.

If you have any question regarding the customization just ask ;)
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