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So back in the good ol' days before we knew the NSA listened in on our bathroom time I used to make websites. Oh man, my friend Samir and I made tons of these things. Revisions after revisions. It was great. Every now and then since those years I break open a new notepad and start hammering out a completely new website, obsess over it for like.. 3 weeks? Then either forget to keep up or I just quit and move on to more important things, like paying my bills and keeping food in my mouth "priorities." Today I did it again. Well, not like... terribly bad. I started writing some javascript in a BRAND NEW FOLDER titled aptly 'programs.' Anyhow, I cut that shit out about an hour after I started and deleted everything. evidence of obsession. 

It caused me to think about what my intentions are with this old habit. I seem to revisit those days a lot. I remember the fun of making a website, and then slowly relive the meaninglessness of actually running a website nobody visits. I suppose the real treasure is making the damn thing, because each one was always a work of art. Albeit some works were much less "art" than others. But given what can be done if enough obsession is expended, looking back I am amazed at the things I have worked on and simply forgotten. For me it is similar to the experience one might have revisiting ancient ruins. Like... Yeah we could create way better shit now then they ever did... but just the attention to detail, the motivation behind the ruin structure, it's amazing and yet not worth revisiting for repairs. Nobody looks at the pyramids and says "We should plaster that shit back up and make it look great!" We let our ruins sit, rotting away for future revisits.

I hate losing stuff. I kick myself for it every single time I notice that it's happened. Recently I was driving with my girlfriend to Tampa so we could take some overdue library books back when I noticed something on the cargo trailer ahead of us. A decal I had created for a company back in 2007!

I was so excited to that I nearly drove us off the road, snapping blurry pictures of the guy's trailer. I couldn't believe that after 5 years my design was still in circulation on the back of cargo trailers. It looked good too! What I am ashamed of is that I never managed to backup the original file. :(

I know almost for certain that any trace of the digital file has been lost to the ages, unless somewhere out there in the wilds of the internet.... some sacred server cemetery contains it's remnants, alongside 5 years of virtual topsoil.

Lesson learned? Back it up, especially a cool design you could potentially point out to friends or clients. Print a high resolution copy and keep it in a binder if you can.
I was thinking about a recent business engagement that went sour. A local friend of a friend of a friend wanted my help in making a website for a calendar of mostly naked women straddling musical instruments. I was fine with this and played with the idea until she began talking about her models. She called them idiots who were lucky she cared enough to invite them for a shoot. The deal she affords her models is 2% of the sales on each Calendar and a copy of the picture they allow her to take. I turned her down based on ethical doubts.

I'm not anti-business. I love that people want to be part of something great. What I hate is individuals like that woman taking for granted the people that make her business even remotely possible. 2% after 10,000 calendars would be enough to pay the electric bill. I understand you have to give and take a little, but it all seems ridiculous. What about the other 76%? Pure profit for the person least deserving.

No man, I'm not down with that.

Here's what I want to do. I want self-models on Deviant Art to send me their best calendar worthy photo. You can stylize it any way you want. It may need slight tweaking for the final draft, so include that in your licensing. Do NOT license it creative commons. This is for profit. I'm offering everyone involved an equal share. Every model selected for inclusion in the calendar will retain 7.14% of the profits. The administrative 14.32% will be withheld to release and promote sales of calendars throughout the year.

Let me know what you think. Tell everyone, friends, family, co-workers(but don't get yourself in trouble at work).


I started writing a script for a youtube video I wanted to make during my Christmas break, but I'm not sure what to do with my main character. From what I've already written he kinda dies in the first 2 minutes... And I really don't care for those kinds of stories where like someone wakes up from a bad dream. I always feel raped in the face when that happens. It's just not good story telling I don't think, especially true on a low-budget pos like this. It's a suicide, btw. What a bummer! Lol.

Downloaded Ludo's You're Awful, I Love You album last night. My girlfriend suggested 'em, not too bad. I'm actually trying to learn how to play guitar so I can make money as a lounge lizard, haha. Not really, I'm pretty freaking awful at the moment, but yeah listening to Ludo I really think I'd like to find a sweet spot between them and Weezer.

ANYWAY, this script hasn't moved one line. I think I'm gonna turn in for the night, maybe my brain will come up with a good ending after his introductory 'ending' hah.
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I can't believe it's already September! Who would've thought the days could melt away so quick? It's a new world out there, especially at PCC, or as they call it now… PSC. Who knew, right? I knew. Yep, and with the name change comes 3, count'em 3 new bachelor programs. I began this year on my quest to "buzinit" it up myself so to speak, with me taking my first degree-type business classes. GASP! Bill is a business major? Here I thought he was a homeless man accessing DA while he updates his government conspiracy site at the public library! Alas ye faithful… art people! He is but a lowly college student. Har har.

The nightmare should be over in about a year if all go to plan, at which point I will befriend lab rats and try to take over the world. Oh that was a good show.

ANYWAY! Been thinking about comics and stuff. Wantins' to make a few before the weekend is up. I've also got some pretty funny ideas about a few new Microsoft Store flash animations. That Billy Gates is such a silly bitch, har har. Right, well I'm off to procure some brownies before they're all gone. Tally Ho!
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Woo! Dude tomorrow is HP6, and I'm totally psyched. I think this is the one where DoubleDork bites the big wand, am I right? Hah, oh I have not read the books. Don't get angry, I've tried! It just doesn't work for me. I started reading the first one in 6th grade, but I kept falling asleep. I even got the audio tapes, but that shit put me down as well. I did fall asleep in the first movie… BUT! They've been getting much much much (I cannot stress this enough) better since then. So, am I ready for some serious junk? The only answer "HELLS YEAH!"

On another note.. Oh man summer is almost up! Can you believe I've done practically nothing with it? Aw poop. Although in my defense, Japanese is a very hard language for me to learn! Maybe I'll make a flash cartoon worthy of praise on newgrounds… Oh that will be a special day. The heavens will open and Tom Fulp will call me and say "Would you like to have a job at Newgrounds?" And then I'd get fired like 3 hours later for uploading stick cartoons jerking off. What can ya do, am I right? Ah well…
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Oh my freaking god, it's so late! My internal brains clock is totally off right now. Usually I'm in bed by 2am followed by a resurrection about noon-ish. Not sure when I'll wake by the time I close these eyes tonight.. er... today! I've heard exercise gets you on track but hell, I've been doing plenty of that. Oh ballocks! <--- I'm not English but it's still fun to say that, lol.

The other night I had been working on a viking comic. It was almost completed, but as I was shading the first frame I realized the strip wasn't as powerful or dynamic as it could be. I've scrapped all of it except the last frame.. which should be more interesting if I switch it's order to first. hmm... This is all so fun to hear about, right? An insomniac and his weirdo comic ideas. Hah!

I've been invited to attend a costume party on Friday and I'm not sure what to go as... I was informed that there will be lots of girls in attendance, so... Go as myself(boo!) or go as Link, hero of time! I'm all for the latter, but I'm afraid girls will run from me like the plague. Oh, woe is me!
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New Viking! He turned out better than I had imagined, much credit to the scanner. Usually the game is played as such: Bill spends exactly 5 Billions hours drawing(yes, I am referring to myself in 3rd person), Bill scans the drawing, Bill does a scan god dance/sacrifice, and Bill cries all night as the scan translates his creation into digital chicken scratch. Yet tonight it worked flawlessly! Anyway, you can view my viking in all his running-ness glory here:….

Wooo! Tomorrow my buddy Lauren is throwing a huge birthday party and I can't wait to get down with my bad self, Ooo! Lol, oh you know I can't dance.. you <stike>machine</strike> blog, haha. I have the rock band bringer duty, so I will be tossing all that junk in the back of my rig in the morning. I'm hoping that will save me from having to sing. I say that for the health of everyone attending. No sort of scientific study has proven the correlation between my vocals and spontaneous deafness... just letting ya know "shit happens" when the mic is passed to Bill. Thats all I feel comfortable divulging at the moment...

Anyway! <-- twice in a blog? Damn. I should get some sleep with all this activity planned for tomorrow. G' night everybody!
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My router died today. It was a good peripheral, always there to brighten my screen with youtube videos and strange flash animations. Belkin was it's name, wireless G networking with extended range was the game. Alas it was not meant to be, and so I went to walmart and bought a replacement... Wireless N, oh happy day!

Hah, I'm so weird. I was looking over some of my older web comics not 10 minutes ago and couldn't help but notice the last submission date. 4/9/2009! It's almost been 2 months since my last submission. It was partly because I was preparing for finals(lie), but mostly laziness. I haven't digitized anything for a while! I had started this strange veggie mafia tales comic, and I have the second half drawn out in one of my notebooks. Nothing like a good lecture to inspire produce homicide I always say, hah. But yeah!

Oh! Lots of people graduating right about now, woo!  Congrats to whoever is moving to the next level and good luck to whomever isn't. There really isn't anything quite like those years of high school, where the word responsibility was limited to scooping the litter box. Not that I don't like adulthood privileges, but it's definitely a different mindset. POOP!

Ugh, I don't want to sleep! I would tell you I'm working on something, but that would be a (mostly) lie. I feel like doing the beach bum thing, at least until summer ends and all happy cancerous radiation causes a massive hurricane to bullwhip the coast. Best of luck to those who still need swimming lessons!
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I finally updated my mac from 10.4 Tiger to 10.5 Leopard. Why is this so great? Not because Leopard is an amazingly awesome improvement over Tiger, but rather it fixed my stupid wifi card! Since 10.4.11 I had been having this trouble with my mac, where if I was plugged into the wall the internet was great, but it was on battery the internet was intermittent and would drop out if not actively retrieving/sending data. A simple fix for Leopard, and I'm as good as new with the whole wireless internet thing! Now I can get on AIM and talk to the peoples! Huzzah!

I started talking to an old friend the other night and somehow the conversation landed on youtube. I hardly ever check my account, so I went and did that today. I found so many awesome comments on a few videos with special effects! I kinda feel like making a new one, just to see what people will say about it. I'm thinking an adventure film, something exciting and new! I decided not to take any classes this summer so I could focus on fun & money. This could be the start of something freaking awesome!
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Okay, I've been very uncreative for the past little while. First vowing to update my comic site twice a week to nearly a month of inactivity. Lol, if procrastination wasn't my game, I might fit with hypocrite. Alas, all is not FAIL, for I've started work on a Flash movie. Yes, thats right, a cartoon! Hahahaha, about what? Well, I'm still ironing the plot lines out, but the unofficial project title is "a Bad Geologist." A yes, that 'a' is lowercase because I made it that way! :P

ANYWAYS! Blah.. What is it, the 22nd? 11 Days until Watchmen people, MARK YOUR CALENDARS and such. March 6th, 2009!!!
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I usually don't like Sundays, but today was different. Late last night or early this morning, depending on how you look at time, I slowly got my webcomic website running at full speed. As I've said, I had been posting them online but in a private folder on my webserver with a default(UGLY) interface. The website is now officially live, hopefully I'll get some traffic flowing. Already I've had about 7 new visitors. Hurray!

If you're interested, check it out:
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After uploading all those old comics I had floating around earlier this morning, I decided to post a new one. I originally drew the "new" comic on a Chili's napkin some months ago, hoping to liven up the atmosphere. My brother thought it was hilarious and before I could get it back he had passed it along to everybody at our table. I folded up the napkin and shoved it in my pocket, only to have recovered it Today from my desk drawer.

I believe the inspiration came from a cheese cake everyone was stealing bites from, although the pie in my comic is more of a key lime. Deviously delicious none the less.

I still haven't been able to find my iPod touch, what a terrible thing to lose. That and love, I guess. But for now I only need the music, lol. I think its been a little under a month that the thing has been missing. Is it too early to start thinking about getting a new mp3? I might just tear my room apart tomorrow to help speed along the decision. I've been looking at this cellphone from Alltel, but I really don't want to extend my contract. Then I saw that the Sony Mylo 2 is on sale for like $199, not too terrible. If only I had money...

Anyway, I made the banner below to promote this week's comic on my myspace page, although if anyone wants to help, word of mouth and cc's are great. Note: the comic website is temporarily in the projectkillbill folder on my webserver because I'm re-writing the site.

Website…(I don't have a "subscription," so no images in journal entries for me) :(
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Well this is odd. I haven't written anything for a while. Imagine that! Life is going pretty good, I completed all my finals last week and have been just lazing around the house, fixing things 'n stuff. Lots of driving this week. Sooo much driving.

I'm really hoping to get a wacom bamboo for Christmas. I've got a ton of drawings that I can't take to the next level because my scanner sucks. Drawing it right on the computer will let me skip a few steps, hurray! Most of what I've uploaded is me trying to draw with a finger on this crap they call a track pad, lol. WHY!

Anyways, I might head off to bed soon enough. Very tiring day.