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Hook'd on Art & Out of NFTs
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I am an avid lover of stories of all kinds. Raised on a healthy diet of fairy tales in a place where they almost seemed real, I grew into a writer who seeks magic in the modern age and enjoys sharing a little bit of it with the world through every story I write. I recently started generating AI renditions of my fantasy series characters with MidJourney. While exploring all the app's possibilities, I created a lot of art that doesn't fit into any of my books, but still deserves to be seen. That's why I decided to create a DeviantArt account to share it with the world.

**PLEASE READ - Image Policy**:

I do not now, and will never make any of my images available as NFTs. They are NOT for sale. If you would like to use one of these pieces in your own graphic art, feel free to ask. With the exception of the ones that directly relate to my novels, I will be happy to give you written permission to use them. I do NOT permit any of these images to be used by others in their original format as deviations, NFTs, art for sale, or anything of the sort.

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Please review again. My Bio section clearly states my policy on NFTs.

Reading through your bio, you sound a lot like me. Both a writer and an artist. I love the world of fairy tales and fantasy where I can disappear into, and escape from the reality of everyday life.

I love your art. It's so impressive. If they come from your stories, I can imagine that you write very intriguing stories. Keep doing what you're doing.

You have an impressive gallery 😲

with Ai art app Midjourney that was trained on 1000's of other peoples art. anyone can.

Dragonsica, you're right, and I am making it clear on my profile and by tagging each submission that all of the images here are AI generated. I don't pretend to be an artist. But I do find what midjourney comes up with visually stunning. I understand why it's making a lot of artists upset, though.

This art wouldn't exist without you. You are an artist. Art is art. The tools you use don't matter. The emotional response they produce does.