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Raionna and Alfa (sketchdump sneak peeks, MLB:TOH) by Aliana-chan Raionna and Alfa (sketchdump sneak peeks, MLB:TOH) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 53 3 Pink black butterfly (for Snowshi) by Aliana-chan Pink black butterfly (for Snowshi) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 40 25 Blue-eyed wolfie (for Veiren) by Aliana-chan Blue-eyed wolfie (for Veiren) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 33 9 Kiku (for kr1st1naa) by Aliana-chan Kiku (for kr1st1naa) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 28 11 Cheetah by Aliana-chan Cheetah :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 31 15 Bunny snake (art trade with Veiren) by Aliana-chan Bunny snake (art trade with Veiren) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 46 15 Yellow orange octopus (art trade with CyberMark) by Aliana-chan Yellow orange octopus (art trade with CyberMark) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 31 22 Filled with determination (drawn by my sis) by Aliana-chan Filled with determination (drawn by my sis) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 61 28 Mellera (Art Trade with Dracocrochet) by Aliana-chan Mellera (Art Trade with Dracocrochet) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 27 11 Fat Hamster (art trade for ColaChu) by Aliana-chan Fat Hamster (art trade for ColaChu) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 29 7 Stripy Cat (Pay it Forward) by Aliana-chan Stripy Cat (Pay it Forward) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 27 8 Swan Princess (art trade with ha-nata) by Aliana-chan Swan Princess (art trade with ha-nata) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 29 11 Just doing the lion's share (colored/finished) by Aliana-chan Just doing the lion's share (colored/finished) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 56 25 Just doing the lion's share (sketch) by Aliana-chan Just doing the lion's share (sketch) :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 22 8 Un chat noir by Aliana-chan Un chat noir :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 53 12 Chibi whale by Aliana-chan Chibi whale :iconaliana-chan:Aliana-chan 38 17


Requests! (OPEN)
:bulletpink: You must be a watcher to ask for a request! (You can be a new watcher :D)
:bulletwhite: Must be a humanoid, I can't draw animals
Feel free to request your character and ill draw them!!
 Examples of my art: 

Bullet; Red Haven't started
Bullet; Yellow Working on it
Bullet; Green Done!
Request List: 
:icontaikurinvaimo: :bulletred:
:iconM0RTY-SMITH: :bulletred:
:iconSekicion: :bulletred:
:iconThePinkWater: :bulletred:
:iconCandiiDrawing: :bulletred:
:iconMelodythekiller8690: :bulletred:
:iconKurokkii: :bulletred:
:iconDragonqueen993: :bulletred:
:iconYukaishironeko: [Bullet; Red]
:icon7swords7lives: [Bullet; Red]
:iconbestod: [Bullet; Red]
:iconaliana-chan: [Bullet; Red]
:iconhipda:hipda 4 34
Requests {open}
I'm opening requests, mainly so during art blocks I can draw something.
*Here's what's up with this*
- By requesting there is no guarantee that I will do it; I'd like to try, but school work and commissions () will always come before requests. (I may not do requests that I'm not interested in, or am not familiar with) *I don't have an order to follow, just whatever ones I have the energy to do*
- I may get experimental with styles
- They will look like  or  (exception with bg; bg will most likely always be solid color with minimal detail)
- If you're reading all of this, comment "d00ds" so I know (if you do not, I will not do your request. Simple as that)
- If you have a specific character you'd like done, please, give me a reference photo. 
- You may repost the request as long as you credit me in the description. Thanks.
- I ask that you follow me if you're going to
:icondood-l:dood-L 4 20
Yuh by Rea-Usax Yuh :iconrea-usax:Rea-Usax 3 0 Kapoon-Loves-You Deviant ID Art Trade by moonshinequeen Kapoon-Loves-You Deviant ID Art Trade :iconmoonshinequeen:moonshinequeen 8 1 Setendeath request! by moonshinequeen Setendeath request! :iconmoonshinequeen:moonshinequeen 3 3 Re-Parody! Biblez 2012 / 2018 by AnutDraws Re-Parody! Biblez 2012 / 2018 :iconanutdraws:AnutDraws 61 28 Blackclaw :O by brinrose Blackclaw :O :iconbrinrose:brinrose 3 2 forgive but never forget by brinrose forgive but never forget :iconbrinrose:brinrose 13 4 Fireflies by brinrose Fireflies :iconbrinrose:brinrose 8 3 Hatsune Miku (+Speedpaint) by Miss-Jazzmatazz Hatsune Miku (+Speedpaint) :iconmiss-jazzmatazz:Miss-Jazzmatazz 20 0 Crowned spirit/Fallen spirit by BlackRoseMii Crowned spirit/Fallen spirit :iconblackrosemii:BlackRoseMii 2 0 The Rendezvous (Request) by Chernabog71 The Rendezvous (Request) :iconchernabog71:Chernabog71 38 48 Idle Idol Lily[Game] by Pattikou Idle Idol Lily[Game] :iconpattikou:Pattikou 257 15 (Prize) Pretty by Nyamo-pon (Prize) Pretty :iconnyamo-pon:Nyamo-pon 20 1 (AO) Shy by Nyamo-pon (AO) Shy :iconnyamo-pon:Nyamo-pon 29 2 (Commission) Keep it chill by Nyamo-pon (Commission) Keep it chill :iconnyamo-pon:Nyamo-pon 20 2


Miniature Beaded Animals
  Miniature lamb by Aliana-chan Bead hearts by Aliana-chan Baby Chinchilla (gift for QueenDanny) by Aliana-chan  Colorful bead mice by Aliana-chan

So, here you can order the item which you want. These are the examples which can be seen in my gallery. In nut shell, I can do:

Miniature heart
Miniature chinchilla
Miniature mouse
Miniature sheep

Some general info:
Bullet; Red First they will be really cheap, I guess the shipping will cost more than the item. It depends on how far you live, obviously.
Bullet; Pink You have to be comfortable with giving me your address. I consider myself responsible, since 98% percent of my items were shipped out and arrived successfully.
Bullet; Red If we are having an art trade, but you want to buy a miniature, you DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SHIPPING. But don't dare to trick me with that, thank you.
Bullet; Pink The slots for them will be limited.


Aliana-chan has started a donation pool!
7,878 / 10,000
Yes, I want to get some points. Maybe you have the question: why?
I want to buy a commission (or not only one, if I get enough points), plus I decided to set up a contest for points.

I will appreciate every point which you give me, and thank you for your kindness. :heart: I will give you hugs, kisses and a thank you note. ^^ :hug: And my love of course. x33

Thank you :heart:

You must be logged in to donate.
It has been for a while, right? Miraculous - Chatemote - Sweatdrop My life is currently terribly stressful, but I thought I'd share some requests with you. At least I'll get a good number of pageviews. xPMiraculous - Chatemote - Datass  So here is a list full of nice people who offer their art for free, some are underrated.

[ Open ] Art Requests!  Welcome 
Hello! Just recently opened up commissions which can be seen in this journal! 

But I still have a considerably nice time drawing other people's art casually! I'll be randomly, infrequently picking out characters to draw- 
For all those requesting, my style is best suited for anything cute, I'm not very good at drawing male characters I'm sorry! 
For now, I'll only be drawing chibi and bust-up! Tbh it'll be whatever I feel most inspired to do upon seeing your character!
Older watchers get priority as usual!

x Partial Nudity is allowed 
x Please make sure you are watching me!
  x No gore/nudity/sexually explicit material/sensitive topics!
x No multiple characters and only one request at a time! 
x Please do not rush me!
x When requesting, please post a journal advertising this post and include it with
:iconremikyu: does cute busts and chibisMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
[OPEN] Pagedoll requestsUPDATE: Hey guys! I have a bad news (not that bad). I'll change the deadline sooooo this will be closing on JULY 19TH because if I let this on July 21th bad things will happen ;w;
Well like I said I think I'm gonna open non-animated pagedoll commissons but I'm not sure about the prices ;w;
so I need hmm 2 ocs (maybe more) to make some examples for my commission. Here are the few rules you need to know:
- This is for my watchers ONLY, if you want to join, you have to watch me but please I won't accept someone watch me just for this.
This IS NOT first come first serve! I'm going to choose which character that I feel like drawing.
- I WILL NOT accept ocs that have too many details
- You can send me many ocs that you want me to draw. But I'll only draw one character of yours, not two.
- I won't reply to your comment but I'll feature it instead.
- Please don't be sad or rude if I didn't choose you, this is just random ch
:iconitzannadraws03: makes adorable non-animated pagedolls, but only till July 19thMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
- must watch me
- share this somehow idc
- comment with oc and ur username
- one per person
- must credit if you use it ANYWHERE
EXTRAS (optionnal)
(if you want to be moved to the front of the line)
- donate 50 pts to donation pool
- draw any of my character (i will have to approve first)
:iconholoxstudios: does cute ferals and anthrosMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
Free RequestsSo i thought of doing some requests (>ω<)
I wanna get tons of people to comment so I have a variety to choose from!
If you want a drawing you have to:
+ fav this? (I would appreciate it a tonnnnnnnn!!)
+ watch me (if you want art from me you like my art right..?
+ comment your oc (Oc must have a drawing/picture reference.)
+I'd be very happy if you'd share this Journal as well
:iconsnowykiddo: wants to get tons of people Miraculous - Chatemote - Love commenting
  [OPEN] Request Box!Hello everyone, hope you're having a good weekend~! 
Given some previous stuff (mostly stress and forum mishaps), the requests will be set up differently now!
Chiyo Flowers Icon 

little star 
There are unlimited 'slots' little star 
little star I will choose which requests I'll draw little star
little starChosen requests will be featured and responded tolittle star
little star Will be drawn whenever I have in the mood & availablelittle star 
little starCertain species will be given prior
:iconcountlessplaces: has unlimited slots and draws varied type of charactersMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
[Request Box]


Ask box



:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:
Hi everyone :3 here is my official request box :D You can ask me anything you want me to draw, I want to improve myself, an I think it's a good training. Just remember I draw whenever I feel like it so don't rush me or anything
but there is a few "rules" :
Only colored and finished pictures will be accepted a
:iconblazinmyra: does any kind of character, including  sonic and furry onesMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 

to those I've noted, please wait patiently to your finished pieces :D
Yo guys!
My page has been inactive lately and to be honest I don't have any idea of what to draw so,
I'm taking in FREE OC AND FAN ART REQUEST (yeah its on caps and bold :D)
-first i will only draw "human" characters
-for Fan Art I would very be glad to draw super heroes, game character, anime/manga characters :D
-and for OC I'm fine with whatever OC as long as I think the design and color is unique :D
-I WONT ACCEPT EVERY REQUEST THAT I GET, but for the ones I choose to do, I WILL NOTE "YOU", the requester.
 so please, for those who wont get their request accepted dont feel bad :D im planning on opening my commissions formally soon but im
 always open for commissions if you just note me :D so if you REALLY like my art and not the free art you can commission me for a piece :D

:iconaliengarbage: does OC and fanart requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
Request Box (Always open)             So I'm opening requests permanently because....I want to.INTERNALIZED OPPRESSION h3h3productions ethan icon  Just follow the rules if you want one and yeahLa la la  
  (I will be selective)
                                                                                      :heart:   Ruless:

Don't @ me if I decline
:iconmysterykitty3300: makes pretty and colorful artMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
Open for Requests and Commissions!Hey guys! As the title stats I am now open for request and commissions!
However, I do have some rules:
:bulletpink: You must be a watcher.
:bulletpurple: I do not accept gore, vore, or inflation requests.
:bulletblue: You are allowed to re-post the final product with credit to me.
:bulletyellow: Tell your friends~!
And that's about it, really! :D
I have two main categories for my drawings: digital and traditional.
Digital means that it's done completely by computer and drawing softwares.
Traditional means that it's done on paper and pencil and then scanned.
All commissions start off as plain, black and white, lightly shaded outlines.
Price List


Portrait = 700 points
Bust/Half Body = 1000 points
Full Body = 4000 points
Color + Block Shading (Flats) = + 500 points
Color + Full Shading (With Blending) = +
:iconpenthewonderful: does both digital and traditional requests and commissionsMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
open | requestslooking for cute ocs to practice > v <
i will pick a few designs that i like ~
girls/shoutas only
will most likely pick pastel/harajuku/cute palettes
poses/styles will be random
watchers only + share this journal
comment below with your oc ref <3
:iconxysty: draws super adorable requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
// Request Box {Open} //Well I'm opening this request box just because,,, I felt like I need some inspiration after wasting my energy on those Aisumimi adopts,,, Like I haven't finished them yet at all,,, (and its somewhat the lineart that's making me tired) so I'll go in this journal occasionally just to draw something or just improve on something,,, Even though I do have ocs, its getting tiring drawing the same ocs.
So welcome to my request box //
Note: This isn't first come first serve! I will choose the requests that I like! So don't be upset if I don't choose yours //

How to request //
- Be a watcher! New watchers are welcome too, just don't follow for free art please //
- Favourite this journal!
- Share this journal in a new journal or poll!
- Fill out this form: //
Journal or poll: 
{link here}
Your OC: {link your OC here}
Extra Info: {any extra or important thin
:iconmeringii: makes very cute art of female charactersMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
Requests [open]hey hey one more day of school until i'm on summer break :>
I do absolutely nothing over the summer besides sit in front of a fan and think about what to do and end up sleeping the entire season. So this will give me something to do! I might draw traditional or digital <3
 ~ Rules ~
- Link me one or more characters
- Share this journal in a status post, journal, or poll (optional, but appreciated ;v; )
- Watch me? It's not a requirement, but it'd be nice ^^
- Please don't note me requests, comment here instead
- Don't get mad at me if I don't choose you ;~;
~ What I can draw! ~
- Human / Kemonomimi / Humanoid
- Anthro
- Cute characters
- Girls (more likely)

if you want a better chance, please check out my art trades and commissions!
they also have top priority ;w;
Art Trades! [OPEN]
:iconsswafflecone: does some cute requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
requests (mine) [always open!]
I might wanna draw a couple female (I can't draw males ahhh) humans rn? I'm really bored so yea..
Friends have more chance! (if u have replied to me on posts I probably see u as a friend)
My rules!
1. Pls watch me :'3
2. Ur oc has to be a female human or.. I. Forgot how ya call a human with animal ears whoops XD
3. I don't like to do boring ocs.. As in.. Pls make choose ur colorful ocs!
4.if ya share the journal ya might have a bigger chance 💖
5. Don't be mad if I don't choose you!
If ya want ur request to be guaranteed.. Commission me!
Example of my art(yes its always gonna be halfbody or a bust) :
:iconkylakittycat: has an always open request box for nice artMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
(open request) - free sketchesI'm looking to do some stress relief sketches! Just taking some chill requests.
I'll begin by saying I won't get around to everyone and I do not plan to draw everyone's characters so please don't take it personally! 
 If you really like your sketch, please consider buying me a coffee
The complete stash of all the sketches will be here.

comment with the following to make a request!
name of character
character personality
color of the sketch
tag 1 friend
(or more)===
You have to be a watcher to participate and you may request up to 3 characters!
Looking forward to seeing everyone's characters!
:iconstaccatos: offers sketch requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
Requests open!I haven't submitted anything for really long time and I also want to improve my skills so I decided to open free requests.
Point Right share this journal so I could gain more requests
Point Right you don't have to be a watcher to request something
Point Right I'm kinda picky so please, don't take offence if I won't choose your character
Point Right only one character and only your OC's, please
Point Right describe your OC's personality with few words
I don't draw:
Point Right animals/furry and complicated creatures
Point Right any kinky stuff
:iconroseeliz314: wants to get some practiceMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
Taking quick requestsI wanna have some new characters to warm up with, so I'll just do quick sketches
Like this:

These will be pretty  messy 
I will draw:
  :heart: Original characters
:heart:  Female and male characters
 :heart: Humanoids
:heart: Canon characters/Fan art 

I won't draw:
 :heart: Nudity and hentai 
:heart: Based on photos. Only drawn references.
:heart: Anthros/Feral characters 
:heart: Mecha 
:iconcorrupt-ghost: takes lovely sketchesMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
[ O P E N ] = REQUESTahem, i decided to open a request maybe will keep it too
cuz i always bored/? aand want to practice moree
kinda want to make rules for this Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 
 R U L E S 
  Must be a watcher (new watchers are welcome! and please dont watch me just for a free art huhu ;w; )
  fav this journal and maybe make a journal or poll about this my request box >v<
 i will be picky so not first come first serve (sorry ;w; )
 it depends on me which artstyle i will gave to you

 F I L L  T H I S  F O R M 
 Character(s) Reference :
 Anything i should know abo
:iconhanamoru: offers varied cute requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
Chibi Requests [OPEN]So, I hate full bodies!
But I like drawing chibis! So these requests will remain permanently open~!
They may be a bit experimental but not too much. Examples:

I am best with humanoids, will not be doing ferals and only MAYBE anthros! (if they're human enough lol)
Also it's not guaranteed I'll do your request, so please don't feel upset if i don't ;v;
These requests are for watchers only! Please do not watch me just for free art, I want you to enjoy my art!
//Also, if you really wanna help support me consider sharing this journal!! Though it's not NECESSARY!
♥ Reference:
♥ Personality:
♥ Extra:
Requests without this form will be ignored. Request away! 
:iconabaddonsu: offers adorable chibisMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
Request journal (Open)This request box will be permanent and forever open, so yeah T ^ T)9
Um, so, I need some more practice on anatomy as I still struggle on it > v <)//
Feel free to drop you babs here and I'll just draw em when I have time to~ <33
I will not choose everyone, sorry! ; ; and requests will only be done with simple bg c:
Your comment will be featured when I wanna do it! XD Q//W//Q
How to request:
Watch meFav journalShare via status update/poll/journalComment belowMax of 1 request per personMax of 2 characters only!
Can Do:
FemalesMalesDetailed designsKemonomimiSmall furriesAnthros (optional)
Can't Do:
Portraits/realistic stuffMusclesOld looking characters
Example of my art (MORE FROM MY GALLERY!!):
:iconnyamo-pon: does super gorgeous requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
Request box Sketch (Open)I know another Request box but Iwant all them sorted I will do another Request box fullbody
Please dont be sad If I dont chose your Oc but I wil try to do the most in the summer holidays
I can draw :
FemalesMales (I'm better at drawing Females)
DemonsI will just draw some Parts of Animals or others like Ears, Horns, tails and wings
I can´t/don´t draw :

other species or furries its hard (except some Parts like ears ,horns and tails or Wings)NSFWdraw couples
draw cosplays
Rules :
Share this journal in a new poll or journalLeave a comment with the reference of your OC use the Form below
I will just draw one charakter !

Character's Name :
Character's Reference :Any Specific Details I should Remember:Journal Link:
Finished <3 :

:iconstupid0cupid: offers nice fullbody sketchesMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
Line-art requests (Open)It's clear one of the things I need to work on is my line art and anatomy in full bodies so yeah I am opening requests for specifically this so that I can draw different body types and just things I am not used to. I will complete the requests I pick after I have finished commissions and during my summer break (3 weeks from now) So do not rush me if I pick you. 
So what I am looking for:
-Complex characters
-unique designs
-humans (or mostly human)
-Male characters
What I might draw: 
-Female characters
-simple characters
-multiple characters
What I wont draw at all:
Animals (not gonna practice that in this one sorry)
too much gore
Fetish art work (Never ever)
This isn't first come first serve and in order to get a slot you must share this journal though you don't need to watch me.
Character and their reference-
Shared journal-
Anything else-
:iconsunnyppg123: makes line-art to practiceMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
-official- request journal [open]ooh now here's an official[?] request journal for requests
-must be a watcher
-share this journal in another journal, status or poll
-don't be salty if i don't choose you
-i only do humanoids
tbh i just wanna do requests to experiment for stuff haha
here's some recent art examples if you want
for more examples of my art you can refer to my gallery;;
it's not first come first serve, i'll just choose whoever i like, and i'll work on these when i need a break from art i got paid to do
:iconjeonghansprince95: does neat humanoid requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
Requests. Info.
So I've run out of ideas on what to draw I'm not very creative when it comes to ideas and OC's so please lend me your OC's so I can draw pretty pictures Senpai~

. rules .
- you must be a watcher!
- new watchers are welcome! but don't unwatch after I'm done, Please!
- I'll choose which requests I want to do!
- I'm looking for either cute, cool, interesting, weird, or creepy characters!
- you can post as many ocs in one comment as you'd like!
- do not send me folders/ bulk stuff of all your characters, folder/ bulk is fine if it is just one character!
- I looooooove making Cute Girls
- you do not get to choose if the request will be a sketch, flat color, or half/fully colored!
- you do not get to choose if the request will be full-body or not, !
- name your favorite Anime in the comment to make sure you read this!
- you must share this
:iconstrawberry-kiwi-b: offers very cute requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
art request/ art trades still open!!OK, so I have tons more time because of summer vacation! That means, I have more time to do art! I will be "officially" opening art requests and trades! Please try to participate, it's fun! 
-I have the right to deny any trade or request
-Please share this journal on your page! 
-Watch me (it's not required, but is very much appreciated!) 
I will draw~
-Most OC's
I will NOT draw~ 
-anything sexually explicit 
Things I will be more likely to accept~ 
-My little pony OC's or characters already in the show 
-Steven Universe fanart 
-Cute anthro or furry OC's 
More girly or feminine things (I can't really draw dudes lol. Also I enjoy drawing that kind of aesthetic!) 
Thank you so much!! 💕💕
:iconsavvygamer: does almost any type of charactersMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
Requests Box (OPEN)light cherry blossom  Hello light cherry blossom 
I got lots of things to do but i don't care  - v -
For these requests , i'll be drawing oc's and fanart too (cuz why not)
I only draw humans and ponies [Cat Emote] Neutral Smile 
light cherry blossoms d green 
Examples :
light cherry blossoms d green  
  How to ask for a request:
cherry blossom  you have to be a watcher  (please watch me if you like my art)
:iconthecreativerey: does both humans and poniesMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 
Request Box Thingy:star: Hello!
I decided to open up a request box thing to have on the side when I need a break from commissions and wanna draw something else for practice.
There are some rules though...
1. This WILL NOT guarantee that you will get a drawing from me.
2. These requests will be picked randomly so do not get offended or hurt if I don't draw your character ;;;
3. Again, these are only for when I need more practice with different styles.
I will draw sonic characters ONLY.
Please fill out this form in order to be eligible for a request sketch. Make a status/journal, spreading the word about this so I can have multiple characters to work with when I want to. Additional information about the character will help me come up with a pose or expression. Again... I will ONLY do a SKETCH.
Character(s) :
Status/Journal link:
Any additional info I should know about the character:
Thank you guys! (Now back to commissions c: )
:iconrileyslilstar: offers Sonic OC sketchesMiraculous - Chatemote - Hug 
Requests! | Open |These are open forever!
I'll be doing requests whenever I don't know what to draw or to just experiment styles with!
Of course I won't be able to do all of them but please feel free to leave your ocs here for me to draw!
You have more of a chance if your oc is cute and pastel but do leave ones that aren't so I can get out of my comfort zone ( :
Here are some examples of my art!

Requests will be done in any style I feel like drawing it in
:pearl bullet: Watch me ( not just because i'm doing free art but because you actually like my art >~<)
:pearl bullet: Share in a poll, journal or status
:pearl bullet: Max of 3 characters
:pearl bullet: Feel free to comment again
:iconjiroeni: does cute pastel requestsMiraculous - Chatemote - Kiss 
*--weekly requests!--* winner! [ still open ]**my kids are visiting their dad for the summer,
so for the month of june/july my doodles will be more frequent
keep updated for my july contest, where you'll have a chance
to win a keychain of YOUR original character!
welcome to oodles of doodles!
your chance to get sweet free arts from yours truly
( art can be a chibi, pixel icon, page doll, etc )
I post the winner & their art every saturday!
* lets be real it's never on saturday
all you need to do is :
be one of my watchers
post a comment with your character reference
share this journal someway - be it a poll / journal / etc
watch your notifications <333333

congrats :iconStarcookie1234:!
if you don't get picked this week, don't fear,
once you post your ref and everything for me here, you're considered entered for the whole month.
at t
:iconstephie-boo: has her lovely requests open all summerMiraculous - Chatemote - Love 

Hope you can find some which you deem interesting. Miraculous - Chatemote - Kiss Have a better summer than me and take care.Miraculous - Chatemote - Hug Miraculous - Chatemote - Love 
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  • Reading: Currently nothing good
  • Watching: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Playing: Paraplüsch/Games on facebook
  • Eating: nothing because of stress
  • Drinking: mineral water x3


I would like to let you know that I will be slower with replying comments and other things. The reason behind that not only that my depression strikes again, but for some other reason (thanked to my mother's carelessness and the fact that nobody wants to employ me, since I'm a beginner...) I'm having financial issues, which need to be solved. The situation is actually that serious that I currently can't even pay the bills and can barely afford food. I'm on the verge of breakdown now. Hope you all will understand...


The Girl from the Hungarian Hell
Hi! ^^

I'm the Girl from the Hungarian Hell, so sorry for my (sometimes really bad -.-") English. Though it is still improving due to the very fact that I study almost everything in English nowdays. Life has changed so much...

I love beading, the results can be seen in my gallery. I love art trades, so don't be afraid of asking for one. ^^

I love many series, tv shows, movies, most of them are animated. I love animes too.
Few examples what I love: Jigoku Shoujo (pretty underrated but I don't care), Higurashi no naku koro ni, The Lion King, Sailor Moon, Steven Universe, Ed Edd and Eddy, and I have recently become obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug. :heart:

I love video games too, Left4dead, Amnesia, Undertale, Alan Wake are my current favourites. I am a big Crash Bandicoot fan too, it brings back my good old childhood memories. I also loved the old Lion King 2 video game (my favourite was Cub Chase xD), so if somebody could help me get it somehow...Pff, stupid dreams. xP

I also love writing, I am working on my own story, and an MLB fanstory, but that is all I can say. Writers are pretty underrated here, but yeah. I have an old Jigoku Shoujo fanstory somewhere...


:bulletred::bulletred:PLEASE! DO NOT ASK ME FOR POINTS!:bulletred::bulletred:

:icontradesopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconnorequests:

My lovely (internet) little sisters:

My internet big bro/onii-chan. ^^

One of my best friends in real life, great writer partner, amazing artist. :heart: Our characters mostly end up as lovers and get married. ^^

My internet cousin ^^ :

My first true friend I have made through dA. ^^

Remnants of my old self/stupid info:

Favourite genre of music: soundtracks (especially JS soundtracks ^^) I know I'm stupid xD
Operating System: Windows XP (why? o.O)
Favourite cartoon character: Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) I really look like her, but she is more beautiful than me ^^
Personal Quote: Azt mondják elmebajban szenvedek... De én nem szenvedek. Élvezem minden percét ^^



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