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Hoity Toity Highfalutin Fine and Fancy Folk


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Anything to Win: Ch1 Pg16

TLK Comics

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PL: Ch.6 The Isle - page 34

Animal Comics

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Just a Misunderstanding

The Lion King

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TMNT, the full eighty procent.  Page 49.


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Freddy Faztale page 38

Five Nights At Freddy's

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My Dragon Children 9

MLP Comics

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears


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Hoity Toity Highfalutin Fine and Fancy Folk


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Little Boulder Of Wonder

The little boulder of wonder. Everyone loves the little boulder of wonder, well, almost everyone. There's many different kinds of boulders of wonder. They're especially funny. Mostly funny. And punny at times. Each boulder of wonder has a different shape and comes in many forms. If one hits you in the head, you'll enter a world of laughter. A laughter that you'll share with the one who threw that boulder of wonder at your person. But if the boulder of wonder misses your head, flying past by your skull, you'll hear deafening whistling winds, tormenting you for what seems like eternity. A fellow with the brain the size of the tiny rock itsel


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Better take it for walks too


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