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Very good...this is now my Favorite!
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No one stands a chance against this monstrous beast! :D
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This one could destroy whole squad with one wave of his axe :D
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Visually Stunning!
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Hey. Our team here at VisionXtream really like your artwork. Would you like to join our game making team as a volunteer as have done all the other professional artists? Well if so please mail me and if you would like to see our teams list please go here --> [link]

Thank You for creating such good artwork.

Mendi Meyer
The VisionXtream Team
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Hey Dude. Good job. I really like it. I have a team here of about 4 that are making an Online 3D Game. We need a few more artists and you look pretty good. For more info if your interested please post something on my Deviantart page or email us at (its volunteer work at the moment so you won't get paid until game publishment.

The VisionXtream Team
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Wuv this! It would be sooo cool to be related to this guy!
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Kaliteli bir çalışma.Elinize sağlık.
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elinize sağlık.
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soldan gelen kızılmsı aydınlatma nedir acaba? kahramanımız kuşunu şömine de kızartmayı mı düşünüyor? şöminelik bir manzara değil gerçi ama. yorum.
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wow this looks pretty good
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