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Slender Man

Whatever happens, don't look back.
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I first found this on TvTropes. Definitely a good example of "humanoid abomination"

Slenderman red riding hood..very evocative

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Saw this in TVTropes! Awesome picture!
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First of all, I think that this artwork is insanely cool.
I'd love to talk to you about it if you get a chance.
(My email is
Full disclosure: I do want to talk to you about possibly using this image for an upcoming show, but we would not show anything without your permission. I hope to hear from you!)  :)
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If it's going to be used for a show about the incident with the little girl's murder and slenderman, I'll have to decline. The art was already snatched by several news agencies without my permission and the last thing I want is having this piece of art used as an example and end being linked to that terrible murder.
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This picture is getting spread around Facebook because of the incident in Wisconsin. Nice art! Just wanted to let you know. It took a couple of days for me to find an account it was attached to. There are articles that mention as well as know you're meme.

Anyway, great piece of art! Too bad it's floating with a terrible event.
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Haha,that explains why it started to get a few more favs.

 Thanks, it's not my favorite work, but it amuses me that many find it "creepy".
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I would like to use your art style in an animated movie featuring Slender Man.
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Yeah, thanks. I actually hate this drawing,so I would love not to see it spreading around further more.
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I completely understand how you feel. I wouldn't want something I didn't like (especially if I made it) spreading. I was just saying that I like the style. Good luck with your future drawings! 
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it's sooo beautiful man :) amazing job!!!!! respect
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This is a-maze-ing!!!!!!
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I am going to make a youtube series with a female lead character! :D
I dig the red riding hood feel. I always wondered why the female characters got killed off so early in Slenderman Mythos. I already feel more sympathy for Red here than Jay or Alex or Noah, or any of the main male characters.
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very creepy. I love it.
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The Big Bad Wolf took one look as Slender Man and legged it.
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Happy nightmares everybody! *evil laugh*
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No wifin in the club, gimme $20
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Me encanta como has coloreado te felicito!
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your description is correct, especially after collecting the sixth page.
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May I use this for a poster for an upcoming halloween gig for a few local bands? Its' so amazing I simply must use it! With your permission of course! :D
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Hi! Sorry I didn't reply right away. Of course you can, thanks for asking for permission! :)
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