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Minecraft Village

This took me too long to even start drawing. Sorry O:

And /u/OurSponsor on Reddit did a reconstruction of this in-game!
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oh god, with this picture, I have heard the music from the game, I feel the nostalgia

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OMG!!! Your recreations are amazing!!

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Go get LittleTiles mod, some shaders and the result ^

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imagine if this was a real resource pack for Minecraft. I also see that if this was a real resource pack combined with a few realistic mod, minecraft would be almost 100% realistic.

I want to draw like this

This gives me absolute peace when i listen this with peaceful music. VERY nice! And gorgeous! ;) ;) ;) :sing:

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This gives me such a strong sense of peace and I have no idea why, but I love it

Holy cow that's good!

It looks more like real life than it does in minecraft.

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I am currently listening to Aria Math (a song by C418). 
Seeing this and listening to Aria Math makes me feel very calm...
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welcome to england
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i want to play an rpg that looks like this.
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I love it ....:D
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This is the type of place I would live in
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Showed this to my friend. He thought it was a screenshot with one of the alternate shaders on.

Funny times.
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omg so cool Villager emoticon -My home is REAL
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How i always thought it would look in reality
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