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Minecraft Nether Fortress

Well, it's kinda done. I just dunno what to draw next :V
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I like how this actually looks like a fortress instead of a pile of boxes

looks awesome!!

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Hello! this looks absolutely beautifu! I was wondering if I would be able to use this as a backround For one of my drawings and ofc give you full credit! It’s fine if not thank you^^

saujanatwo's avatar

the nether update is coming, plus mountains update.

Artandcreation4you's avatar
I might use this as inspiration to remake the actual Nether fortress. :)
JackNoArt's avatar
Welcome to my special hell
The-Undermaniac-Sans's avatar
MiningForDegus's avatar
This looks so cool :O
Becky22404's avatar
Amazing it looks so real!
PitriPan's avatar
This has kind of epic touch. Really like that one!
CubeTron23's avatar
The best natural structure Minecraft fanart I've ever seen.
aneagle's avatar
Amazing work :)
ChaseClancey's avatar
Do you think you could make the abandoned mines?
SeventhClass's avatar
In its own hellish way, this picture is beautiful. < 3
error-macro5's avatar
Realistic minecraft
KillerBabyy's avatar
This is a drawing?!
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These are perfect! I think you should draw the End City dungeon from the 1.9 snapshots along with an abandoned mineshaft across a ravine.
Algoinde's avatar
Yeah, that's in progress, I just don't have enough time now :(
I'll finish it someday.
zachlucier's avatar
Well, hope you catch up to it soon!
JadeSpeedster17's avatar
Holy crap it looks so real!
MrMadManiac's avatar
So awesome...

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