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Minecraft Jungle Temple

By Algoinde
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Second one. I like it the most :3

[Paint Tool SAI/Wacom]


Can be used for Elusive Dream modpack illustration.
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Wow this is really cool.
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So that is what the jungle temple would look like in real life... its design makes more sense now
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Oh that is cool, good job. ;]
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This is a great idea to give all of the Minecraft landmarks a realistic look. I really like your jungle temple because of the palm tree strokes. looks amazing. Also the lighting makes the image come alive. Now I can't wait till the actual Minecraft temple looks like this.
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It's better version for NEW minecraft :D
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Could I use this image (part of it) as the background of a design? I am going into Banners, os I'd like to use this base, It won't even be noticed...
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I am in love with this right now
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This looks amazing! I'm totally speechless!!
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Excellent work envisioning the temple and jungle.
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like in terraria, the lizhard temple!!
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My gosh I LOVE your stuff!
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This really makes me wonder who or what build those temples.

History channel would say ''Aliens''.
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logic would say the testificate made them
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guyz its on minecraft the computer made them.
Draco-Aroace-the-1st's avatar
you must be fun at parties.
Black-Fire-River's avatar
haha thanks. btw would Draco have anything to do with Harry Potter? I'm kind of a fan.
Draco-Aroace-the-1st's avatar
no, I just like dragons, did read the HP books with my family as a kid.
Black-Fire-River's avatar
oh cool. I like dragons too. Have you read Eragon?
Draco-Aroace-the-1st's avatar
yes, did not like it. You read hitchhiker's guild to the galaxy? 
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Woah! This really makes the jungle temple look more ancient and cool!
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Amazing work Algoinde, hope you do the End:D (Big Grin) 
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