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Demon witch Catrina, sister of Melissa, who brought Lars- Necromancer from the death. Slaves in the past, they learned witchcraft from exiled enchantresses in the woods. As they grew in power they burnt their teachers in sacrifice to gain even more power. Remaining two last witches of Western kingdoms conglomerate
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looking wishous
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RMascarade|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is vibrant!!! 馃槂
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SalmanAboFaisal|Student Digital Artist
amazing Rose  
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So good! You are one of my favourite artists around at the moment, the subject matter, the great brush strokes and beautiful colour palletes and values, love it all :D
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The-Last-Phantom|Professional Digital Artist


Amazing art!!!
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boydanby|Hobbyist General Artist
The helmet design is absolutely spectacular!
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Burning-Heart-Brony|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic work!
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Agelyk|Student Digital Artist
is great 
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Stephen221B|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ehrmagehrd :0
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WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS STUNNING!!!!!!!!!
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PinkLillyCharlotte|Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet work
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EL-MAGA|Hobbyist General Artist
THIS, I like!
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That piece of artwork is amazing! Congratulations👏
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Absolutely stunning
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HARuNIS|Professional Digital Artist
Wow lovely!
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