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August 14, 2011
War - Tutorial by *algenpfleger -- Suggester's words: Hannes' tutorial is a must see for everyone. It shows that we have a lot of things to think of instead just go drawing and painting. And his patience and kindness to explain and share his knowledge deserves a highlight, for sure.
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War - Tutorial

As promised, here's the tutorial. I spent a bit of time on collecting thoughts to include in this, so I hope it's helpful.

<- Final image.

Cheers! :la:
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badeywen's avatar
You are my idol!!!
Koko--Yu's avatar
Amazing, i love those wings
kristylaporte's avatar
Holy shit amazing! Thank you for sharing this~!
daneroja's avatar
wow, really learned a lot from this oneI am a dummy! 
Figmoe-Lurker's avatar
BlyndedArt's avatar
I really enjoy this tutorial,  but for mobile users the quality is too low to read,  maybe I am the only one,  but I'm on a galaxy s4 and I can't see it unless I'm in desktop mode haha
kiraachu's avatar
G21MM's avatar
Wonderful tutorial. No matter how many classes and tutorials read, there is always more to learn =D
Soul-Body's avatar
Thanks for the guidance Hannes! I appreciate the time you took to teach those of us who are still beginning to figure out the basics of painting. 

This tutorial is outstanding :)

Thelionzeye's avatar
UNBELIEVABLE. Probably the best tutorial I've ever read on deviantart. (or anywhere.) I really appreciate your artwork and the work you've put into this. Thank you :)
oddanka's avatar
This is great stuff. I've seen so many tutorials in my lifetime, and I came away with the most useful info with this one. Thank you for putting in the effort to explain so thoroughly. You're a great inspiration, and an even greater motivation.
ChuddmasterZero's avatar
One of the best tutorials I've read on DA.  Really great stuff, and thanks so much for going to the effort and posting.
artupida's avatar
such a nice tutorialll... how about posting this tutorial in so you can inspirate more artist with this amazing tutorial? you could help more artist there :)
chinagami's avatar
Thanks for this, will save it for later when i paint again.
David-Richardson's avatar
Thanks! Really learnt a few things..
Riemea's avatar
Das ist eines der besten Tutorials, das ich je gesehen hab! Danke fürs machen! Ich habe es hier zusammen mit einem deiner steps gefeatured :)
unfinishroxas's avatar
omg! its AMAZING painting!!!!!!!!
fersteger2's avatar
Nice! I'm painting wings for work and this is a huge help to me right now! Thanks for making this kind of stuff.
Steroids98's avatar
Amazing and Instructional :D YAY!!!! COMBOS! :D
Pan-tor's avatar
Thank you!!!!!!!
wiz3ard's avatar
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