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Something a little darker, a little more personal, after all the bright and colorful stuff I did recently.

One thing that really bothers me about our culture is the way war is not just played down, but almost glorified. We're all a part of it, actually guys like me might be the main offender. Videogames like CoD and GoW are essentially a form of pornography, and I find it honestly worrying that one of the most terrible things humanity has brought on itself is handled in a way that makes it seem attractive - this is what I tried to put into this image. I'm not sure as to what way is the best to make a point - show it clearly? But people are desensitized and might even think it's awesome, hurr hurr all the gore that's cool man. No, it's not fucking cool. So, say the opposite instead? It might be misunderstood or seen as pretentious. Hurr hurr, you just want to paint a sexy chick yourself and then afterwards say you put thought into it.
Hard to say. Perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut and just be an observer, not a commentator. It seems that until the start of the 20th century, at least painters have done that, most of the time. But wouldn't that be backing out of responsibility? I don't know. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes a point is more clearly made by using as few words as possible.

Understanding the world sure is difficult haha.

I actually finished this a couple of days ago already, but I wanted to let it rest for a little to see if I want to change anything aaaand because I've been doing this tutorial!

See you guys!
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amazing art and symbolism ^_^
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Hi, I used your picture here, tele me if you mind please :)…
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AMEN!!! The world is hard to understand
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Very dark and beautiful!
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Bit pro quo


Google Chrome
forever more

My Dear Lenore

it never changes
it's called WAR
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I like how the face is covered and it makes me wonder what she is. Is she representing Death (or war) itself, the unknown and faceless? Or is she the warrior who believes in the concepts of 'patriotism, war, 'the greater good', 'protecting one's country', but is unable to look those she kills in the eye? She has to cover her face so she doesn't see that they might not be so different from her. Or she knows they're not, but feels its her duty to kill anyway.


I think she might be the former. I think humans are inherently a war-like species. We thrive on conflict. Hell, even stupid crap like comments on Youtube or this very DA page show that people LIKE to fight and argue, they like to have something to hate and fight against. But I suppose it's a trait that could be 'cured' or 'watered down' in the very least... some people are of course, more violent then others and some are more passive. I wonder if a generation of human could actually be bred to be more docile by only 'breeding' the non-violent? Oh the story ideas... LOL


Sorry for rambling on so much. But fantastic picture... it made me think and I'm sure that was the point!

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holy, a lot of thought's gone into this comment o.o

good points there; it's an excellent ramble.

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I can only say.. Thanks for making your point, I couldn't agree with you more! Awsome piece man congrats!
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wow this is awesome
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This is so profound and has strong emotional impact on several levels, and your expression has its intended effect: war as a seducer, using power as the siren song to lure men to their deaths. Her lips look kissable but her eyes are hidden as to look into them is to see her true purpose, and reveal her ugliness. Wherever she walks becomes wasteland.
Superb! Magnificent! Well done.
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I always imagined war in less skimpy knickers. 
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Mannmann,mein lieber Algenpfleger,I´m not sure if should be upset seeing WAR depicted as SOO damn sexy...(forget it,hadn´t read the description yet)
I hate and love how we can´t see her eyes,imagining that if one would see them,even only through this painted picture he/she would immediately die in a shock for a human being couldn´t stand the gaze..Dunno,I find some nice symbolism in this idea.
I can´t completely share the idea you´re trying to transport since I´m quite aware of war still being a neccessary function of (human)life,just as forms of it, in more primitive ways,have always been,not only amongst humans.
Videogames addressing the topic aren´t to be demonized for what they depict imho since they simply follow ancient biological instincts,especially in younger males.Still,a real war is something no human being should have to live through,on whichever side,but I´m convinced that in fact real physical wars are a thing that humanity is just getting over,while those in the cybernetic world will increase and render real bloodshed unneccessary.
Unfortunately a 100% peaceful world would mean strong,very strong suppression in wide parts of the world as long as there still are human monkeys running around,convinced that they have to fight anyone with a different opinion about just another monkey god.
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Totally amazing, very beautiful and meaningful.
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VERY well done! A masterpiece.
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The stepping on the flower is the most symbolic thing to me. But I really love this picture.
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Fighter jets roaring above a barren wasteland, while a solitary angel dressed as a woman of the night stands, holding a sword.

...The symbolism is so beautifully epic.
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I think i understand the picture i am not going to deni that i play videogames about war but i watch documentaries and i know war is the most stupid things humans do the image talks by itself an angel came down to earth to observe the stupidity that humans do with their lifes wath humans do in name of good, money, profit, resoures or in the name of justice, your work is epic, sad and inteligent thanks for the piece
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This is SO friggin cool...
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