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By algenpfleger
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Pretty selfexplaining I think! Steps 1 and 3 are just visualization, not part of the actual process, meaning, I did the linedrawing from scratch, not over the thumb, and started the painting from the blank canvas again (except for the lines) after doing the color thumb to get an idea of how I wanted the values and lighting to be and all that. This painting went really smoothly because I had a clear idea of it in my head beforehand. I used a ton of layers to keep all the elements separate, over a 100 in total I think, which is only really a good idea if you have the stuff planned out D: In other cases I'd just go and mess around with a painting on a single layer and kind of see what emerges, but this time I tried a different approach. Polygon lasso and locking transparency keeps the edges straight and clean, and after the block-in it's all just rendering stuff out, going over the whole painting to make stuff fit together, and then putting effect stuff on top. Since I knew from the beginning that I wanted glowy lighting like this, I could just go and render everything out without the smoke being there and then just put it in in the end.

The details are like it says 100% zoom, I worked really small this time because of all the layers, the whole image is only like 4k tall.

So there! :] Hope this is interesting to someone.

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I've been seeing this pop up on occasion over the years and it still blows me away whenever I see it!
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wow greaat ! it looks like a rendered image! Pearl Emote 11 
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OMG! This is awesome!! :heart: Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] 
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What Program do you use?
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awesome job!!!!^^
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I've never understood or have been able to grasp lighting and reflections like you do. I was wondering if there was a specific inspiration or example you drew from to get the lightiing like this? Like a real place? Or was it something like an accumulation of experience and practice?

I'd appreciate it if you had any advice on what a beginning artist or novice like myself should research, or understand when trying to capture interesting lighting and reflections like this.

Thank you for reading this and posting an example of your process. It's very helpful.
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very well done works :meow: it's amazing!
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Wow, I think this tutorial has taught me more than many others I've seen. It was so simple and straight forward, great!
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holy shit your incredible.
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this is great, thanks
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wait....THAT WASN'T A PHOTO?!?!?! O_O
i'm gonna go hide in a corner now...>_<
xo-BAHAMUT-ox's avatar
you-are-insane..! :O D: x_x
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oh my god! excellent!! i though it was a photo!!!
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Extraordinary. And excellent tips there. Seems you had the lighting design complete in your mind before starting-- that is a remarkable intuition... skill? regardless; it amazes me. Congrats on the DD!
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rediculous... so good.
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I love the deep colors and the Tatami Galaxy reference, thanks for showing these steps!
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I really did think it was a photograph from the thumbnail :D its amazing!!!
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bist echt erste sahne! sehr gut!
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Wow...this is truly amazing, excellent work!

I really hope someday I'm as good as you are....I should go practice!
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You are great, that is all.
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