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Space Babe

Didn't show this one here, but I want to upload something! It's a collab between the amazing ~AlexPascenko and me, meaning, he did all the linework, and I just colored o_o

You don't get your hands on such delicious lines every day. Check out his stuff, it's mindblowing!!
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This is like a futuristic fire bender! haha :D
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wow! i mean like? Wow!
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among all the realistic devs in your gallery, I really really liked this one. Perhaps I'm love the drawing itself or with the stylo painting, anyway good job on the collaboration!
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I really do love the way you color and paint your drawings, but this one is my favorite by far. The paint seems to give it a certain life that I admire. Thank you for posting.
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I checked Alex' gallery and it's pretty awesome stuff indeed.
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Whooah, exelent!
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mir haben deine sachen schon im digital arts forum sehr gut gefallen! einfach krass was du leistest.
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Awesome, I love her outfit and expression.
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Great! Looks very unique in line-art and color!
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wow thats awesome
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the lines are teh awesomeness- but i support the colors XD
no, just kidding ^^
i :heart: this collab, both the colors and the lines! really beautiful one ^_______^
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ohmigawd, I totally want to poke the red thing.

not your everyday comment, is it?
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Ja du hast recht die Outlines sind cool :D (die Colo ist natürlich auch nicht schlecht ;) bis auf dieses Augenmakeup) Ich beneide ja eh alle die Technikkram zeichnen können ;_; ob man das wohl irgendwie lernen kann?

Und ich hasse das Wort 'babe' aus tiefsten Herzen :XD:
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Menno xD Das war die letzte Collab die ich hochlade bevor ich selber so zeichnen kann :lol:

Technikkram kann ich auch nicht besonders gut (mal was neues, lololol) aber lernen kann mans sicher! ó_ó/
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Die Aufgabe hast du aber auch fabulös gelöst! Die Beleuchtung sieht gut aus (auch wenn ich ein wenig orangerotes von diesem schwebenden Ball-Ding vermisse, aber vermutlich ist esa dort einfach zu hell, dass man das farbige Licht sehen könnte)!

Ich mag auch dieses aquarell-artige an der Kolorierung. :)
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zum anbeißen =)
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nice gear!!!!
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I like the rough textures in spots. Her skin is so pretty.
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You should do way more collabs together! :o The result is as if someone had baked a cake mixing epicness with asskickery.

Erm, ok, no more trying to be funny. XD In all seriousness, this looks uber-great, and I really really dig it.
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This is really amazing, i love her expression! And the colouring its amazing as well!
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