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SAI Tutorial

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Edit: SAI is now officially released as v1.0 and available from the developers' website. It costs about €33/$52, which is really a good price.

So, here you go :) Note it's a little advanced, no "how to draw a loli in SAI".

Here are my screentones: [link]

Hope you'll enjoy!
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leonarul081095Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Very Much Guys :D
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Frage: kann man evtl in irgendeiner .ini oder .conf oder so den Zoom beim Scrollen oder per Tasten "feiner" einstellen? ich finde die Sprünge von 50% - 75% - 100% - 150% etc etwas grob. Die einzige Möglichkeit irgendwas zwischendrin einzustellen scheint mir der Zoom-Slider beim Navigator...
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LunammiHobbyist Digital Artist
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panstarryHobbyist General Artist
my brushes won't save, and i know that we have to use 'start-sai' to make sure that it'll save the brushes, but it won't for some reason? like everytime i try to use 'start-sai' it'll go 'can't run sai.exe createprocess failed with error 740' and honestly it's so frustrating because i have lots of nice brushes to use but i can't save them. (strangely enough, sai.exe still works...)
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EdmondRadHobbyist General Artist
When I have to edit the brushes in, its in wordpad not notepad. It also won't let me save them in the same format. What the fuck, now do I fix this shit? It's seriously irritating.
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Catnip1996Student General Artist
Thank you C:
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Greebs232Student Digital Artist
im kinda confused, i just want to know how to make my brushes save, becasue they wont :(
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GeminaArtifexStudent Digital Artist
I am highly confused on how to put the screen tones in.
Do I put them all in each folder.. Or what ;-;???
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phob00Hobbyist Digital Artist
The easiest tutorial i found Cute Emoticon Blushing thank you Little Pixel Heart 
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no hablo ingles
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Hi, algenpfleger! Thank you very much for this tutorial, especially for importing textures!
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KonekomoonStudent General Artist
Thank you for this, I was just dropping the textures into the folders only and wondering why that wasn't working, I didn't know you also had to make an entry of it in a .conf file too. I did that and now the textures are in my SAI! Yay! yay 
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This took me awhile to understand *_* But it really helped, Thanks for making this <3
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TheCartoonLifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Helpful but my head is spinning because I'ma noob XD
mechanicalvalkyrie's avatar
This was helpful, I learned some new things :)
KanzenbanART's avatar
It's complicated to understand how to to those textures instalation.
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ChadComicsHobbyist Digital Artist
this is very informative. thank you.
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I have a question. My pen tool stopped working with pen pressure about a month ago, every other tool works just fine, except my pen tool. What do I do?
RoxiiReaper's avatar
RoxiiReaperHobbyist Digital Artist
try making a new pen tool? you probably just messed with the settings for that tool.
Jetstreamdraws's avatar
Yes, thank you! Turns out, it was the min-size option.
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fROSEn24Professional Digital Artist
i dropped the the files in the folder but im not really getting what exactly to do. I see the folders that you are talking in the sai folder but when i open my program I am still not seeing the new textures. PLEASE HELP. 
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PRUSSlAProfessional Artist
Thank god for this tutorial xD
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MijoliteHobbyist General Artist
 Nice tutorial, but I gotta disagree with the statement that Pressure tool is useless. For mouse users, it is very helpful to make a line that has thicker points and sharper points, because with mouse you cant just press harder or softer :/
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