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September 2, 2012
On the Earth, an incredible digital painting bathed in light by *algenpfleger, with spectacular detailing and use of perspective.
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On the Earth

Hey hey... here's a new personal painting. I feel that I slowly go from what I think is what people want to see or what gets you jobs or whatever towards what I actually want to do. It's a weird feeling, even tastes a little bit guilty although it of course shouldn't.

Anyways, I hope you guys don't fall asleep from my choices of subject matter. But even if you do, it's what I like painting so there haha.

I think I spent about twelve hours on this one, all from imagination, as usual.
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Magnus-Strindboem's avatar
This is very beautiful. What else to say. Rather keep up doing what you want to do, it seems to turn out right :).
InfaniteRefills's avatar
This, is awe inspiring. Thank you so much!
CLLFTVTV's avatar
Very elegant lighting <3
That is glorious. You can practically feel the chill in the late fall air, the only warmth on your face the light from the sun... but is it rising ? Or setting ? Gorgeous.
masterx1234's avatar
this is just draw dropping, you sir are an artist god! i commend you! well done! 
Jie-n's avatar
That's a painting... That is. A painting.
I am depressed now.

AnthonyAvon's avatar
bsbillow's avatar
that's amazinng!Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1]  which softwares you used on this one?…    I come from this song. Lighting on your art is so powerful :)
Dreamerforever2004's avatar
I like the light, the subject and the whole atmosphere :)
Well done!
enogabalo's avatar
His work is incredible. This postcard is brutal. My congratulation
BrazinBox's avatar
Amazing! Love the colors and shadows in this.
AttacK-ON's avatar
this is amazing
like really awesome

turtleluz's avatar
fantastic work - I am lost for words
Anathema32's avatar
My gosh... this is stunningly beautiful. It's been the picture on one of my favourite songs for a couple of years, and just today I decided to come and check it out. I honestly thought it was a photo. 'Tis beautiful. <3
Kenobi-wan's avatar
The shadows are not in the right direction! Anyway, that is an amazing work :)
kapala01's avatar
I don't understand how this is a painting... and about 12 hours? Jeez! Mad skills.
That's amazing.
Santosbzz's avatar
idanisme's avatar
.................... deadly!
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