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MtG: Vivien's Invocation

Hey there, like the title says here's the full art for this card!

I had a ton of fun with the tiger here, tried my best to keep it a bit more raw / less polished to hopefully convey that energy.

I also make some neat tokens that you'll love if you play Magic. Check em out Got a pretty cute Saproling coming up next wave!

Cheers! :)
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The effect of the fire on the branches is very realistic. I think the nearer paw could have been more foreshortened and detailed, but as a whole image, it doesn't detract from it. Love this.
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nice love this card!
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Impressive! Well done!
Epic piece. The tiger looks amazing.
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Like a green lantern but with a bow.  DC should make a new character.
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More like green Hanzo with a tiger instead of dragons.
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This definitely feels like a very green card. I mean obviously you used a lot of green shades, but just the composition, the angle, it all works for me.

I like how the arrow is going through the tiger to represent the shot's energy. That was a neat concept.
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dude.... fuck ya...... nice
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Wow very cool
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So the tiger is cool, as is the archer (though the angle on her legs makes it look like she's one-legged at first glance), but to me the best part about this is the foliage. The use of  fire to break up the colors from just 'GREEN!' is perfect. Something else is that the burned foliage has more twigs visible as opposed to the non-burned, and those twigs look like they would have supported the non-burned leaves. It may seem small but there is a huge number of times I have seen burned plants which are just the same with green removed (ignoring that the leaves cover visibility of the twigs beneath) or have a leaf structure which doesn't correspond to the underlying twig structure of the burned versions. Good work.

Also, I dunno what that tiger ate to vomit an arrow but it must have been pretty bad.
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Leave that Tiger be! Cats rule. Save the Tigers. S
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She made the tiger with her magic this is how she makes it. (acording to mtg lore)
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That's quite alright then, love cats . S
so awesome!!!
amazing picture!!
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Wait are you the one who did the actual card art?.?
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"I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took a green tiger to the knee".FUS RO DAH 
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It's almost like a tiger that can only be defeated by an arrow made with a Jade stone
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The tier is the weapon here. :P
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