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MtG: Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

This is the last illustration that `janaschi and I worked on together. It's for Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Dark Ascension set. By the time we did this, in May of last year, things had changed, so for this one she did the drawing and I did the painting.

This is our final collaboration.
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Blew my mind from the second I saw this. I finally found out who made it and realised you've made some of my favourite MtG art.
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Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my sword and said: For the honor of Saint Traft!
CLLFTVTV's avatar
The desaturation is amazing
Your art just stuns me :)
Dianote's avatar
Gorgeous sky...
Oxydron's avatar
She's hair is beautiful!
Nice work!
Sketchevrywir's avatar
Really love the angle on this!
Luca72's avatar
This is too beautiful - the low angle, the overcast sky, and the perfect illumination of the hair. Your talent and ability to convey emotions are unbelievable. Kudos to janaschi as well for the pose
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I love pictures that make you feel like you're there, Algenpfleger--I think it's the leaden sky and the sand dunes feels so eerily familiar, thankyou!
Songs-Of-Valyria's avatar
katana swordcase...sword doesnt fit.. :P Its hypercool artwork^^
wow just simply wow...
Bookmen's avatar
Very nice photo!
It looks like she drew a rapier from a katana sheath. ???
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Loving the power of the wind.
TheTunche's avatar
Nice work! I like it!
But I just realice one thing: She's holding a Rapier sword, but a Katana's scabbard
Or it's just my imagination?
Nylean's avatar
Yeh, I'm thinkin' the same thing.
This is awesome man. You rock.
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Ryley-Kain's avatar
Just realizing now that you made most of my favourite cards.
Thank you.
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