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MtG: Restoration Angel - Steps

By algenpfleger
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Hey everybody! As a thanks for the overwhelming feedback on this illustration, have some steps! *_*/

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CharlesStark  WOW!  This is amazing
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I thought this was 3D from the thumbnail...This. Is. Amazing.
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Omg it's perfect ;x
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I love when veteran artists like yourself allow us to see your artistic process, thanks!
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c'est, épatant ! je reste bouche bée face à ce travail !

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i have no comment
this is rock dude i love it (^_^)
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thanx a lot, very impressive work
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How long did this take?
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wow !! What tool did you use ?
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:) Very fantastic process. :D
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Amazing works
I love it!
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Hey, I just want to know... how many hours does this takes? :)
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Wow!!! Beautiful! I absolutely love the detail on her wings!!! Whenever I draw characters with feathery wings (hardly ever now, they pretty much all have dragon wings now), I get kinda lazy with the feathers and draw more "impressions" of the feathers. I am amazed by your skill and patience!!
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your work with color is perfect) it's amazing how you feel just the right hue and tone!
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Thanks so much for the process!!!
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I think my favorite thing about this (besides the awesome artistry) is the fact that with the trees in the end, you just went "Screw it I'll make it wheat/tall grass!" XD Seriously though, awesome job dude
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Thank you very much for uploading your progress work, it helps us that want to observe close we can.
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How do you determine your light sources so perfectly!?!
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oh and thank you for sharing your work! It's a definite source of inspiration for me now.
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