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MtG: Restoration Angel


Hello there beautiful! Make sure you follow me on Facebook!


Hey everyone! Long time no see!

This is an illustration I did for Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Avacyn Restored set, it was spoiled this weekend so I can finally show it!

I've been working solo for MtG for about a year now, many more cards on their way that I'll be able to upload sooner or later.

For now I hope this you like. Sorry for the lack of activity recently, I've been pretty busy with work so I don't have a lot of showable personal work. That'll hopefully change too though!


See you guys!
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eine meiner absoluten lieblingskarten. find es so cool das ich das hier finde. ich liebe deinen Artstyle total
Panartias's avatar
Klasse Arbeit! Ich habe auch mal kurz MtG gespielt...
DXVelvet's avatar
DunkleMaterie's avatar
This Artwork wakes memorys of a long past time in me. =)
" Take this, hurgh! " °throws° :XD:
teddykiller101's avatar
Its a magic card art witch is funny to me that nobody knows what it is sorry if i ruinded it for anybody
feliceness's avatar
Takes my breath away! So glad I found this! :)
Neije's avatar
Good Lord, this is ridiculously good.
DunkleMaterie's avatar
Right? Just now I was looking through my favourites and thought
" Damn... this could be the best Angel-artwork in the whole internet. "

Could be that I will not see one that is better.

The sheer beauty and elegance of a divine (and therefore perfect) being like an Angel,
and the aid of a battle-worn Human, it really catches the theme that they are being of pure good. B-)
It also looks to me as if he was almost a Corpse and rises again, due to how close the corn is.
KatlynAshe's avatar
Do you upload these background size anywhere?  I absolutely love your art its drooly
Blackcanines92's avatar
Beautiful, I'm impressed !
Teenage, Pregnant, Plus Size Every Types of Women eat fish its best for women
incredible-s's avatar
I like wings.. and you draw them good Clap 
Pikiiipow's avatar
Beautiful, I'm impressed !
MalevolentTheDragon's avatar
Hey she looks like me! 😁 greAt work!
the detail is amazing
tojadoron's avatar
Those wings ... Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
AsterCrystallium's avatar
I love this picture, and this card is one of my favorites in my collection of Magic cards. ♥ I have a growing angel creature collection, and the card with this picture was one of the first in it. 
wondermeow's avatar
Love it really beautiful art hope I can reach your level someday.

Kind regards,

pinktenshi's avatar
i think this isss amaazing!!
Saliseiren's avatar
As a dedicated Mtg player-- either elves or angels, I gotta say, this just floored me! 
fhelalr's avatar
This reminds me of an ending scene of a video game called The Darkness 2! Wonderful drawing as always!
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