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MtG: Lions of Sun Gate

Hello my dear internet aquaintances!

Here's an illustration I did last summer for Magic: The Gathering 2012 Core Set. They've shown the stuff now so I can upload it!

This one was a real challenge because of the golden gate - gold is something you usually paint in small amounts and in completely different lighting situations where you can just make it seem like gold by making it yellowish and contrasty. In broad daylight though things work completely different and I broke my head over this for quite a bit. I actually think there's probably no lighting situation that's more challenging than burning sunlight. I'm quite happy with the result, so I obviously hope you guys like it!

Also, for whoever follows my blog, preparation for this was why I did the lion and cloud studies.

Personally I'm also working on a couple of things that I might or might not be able to show somewhat soonish *//w//*

Until then! Goodbye!
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so much gold u are richest artist ^^ 
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STUNNED I really am the quality of this image is just unbelievable AMAZING :D 
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Goog Gawd your detail is absolutely exquisite!
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Good job on the gold and sunlight over the rocks, worked out wonderfully! ;)
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Awesome! I love the lions :)
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Muy buena imagen!!!!!
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More lions, big and small
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Your lighting is amazing and I personally love this card. XD
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This is amazing, I love the gate, and the lions!! wow, wow!! :D
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that gold looks hella convincing! 0.0
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Beautiful picture, my spirit animal is a lion and as a lion lover I must say this is brilliant! The colors, THE PRIDE! THE KINGS! THE KINGDOM! Love it! 
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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Ooh, I have this card. Love the artwork.
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So beautiful and interesting !!!! I would so have this as a giant poster in my room !
the golden structure at the back is really incredible
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