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MtG: Commander's Authority

Hey there! Here's another illustration I did for Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Avacyn Restored set. The card was spoiled today so I can show the painting!

More cards on the way! Cheers everyone!
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That lighting effect is amazing! Great work!
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excellent, great work
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This light... sheesh. This is hands down one of the best pieces WotC ever put on a card.
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I love the lighting
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Incredible work! It feels like looking at the real sun. 
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The figure on the left is very Aveline de Grandpre.  If asked, I'd have said this was Assassin's Creed.
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Thought it was a photo O u O
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incredible! just look at this light!
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Wonderful lighting, love it.
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Amazing lighting! Great job ^^
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Wow! When I stare at this picture a while, it starts to look like the two characters are moving towards each other, slowly.

Amazing lighting, love it.
Love the work, Wish the card had been better! ;D
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I love this artwork, I've put the card in a couple of EDH decks just because it looks so good. Excellent work!
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THIS IS SO BRIGHT!!!! great lips on the silhouettes! 
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One of my all time favorites
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WOW! amazing! *_*
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someday i'll learn this, too beautiful ><
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Wow *-* how beautiful!
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this is one of my favourite pictures in the world.
i found it somewhere on the internet and realized it was from mtg when i pulled it out of a booster pack...
thank you!
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:iconasdfghplz: I found this before I had a deviant art, and liked it then, so to the fave button!!!
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love the silhouette, it looks great! :D
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woah, i love it!
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