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MtG: Angelic Destiny

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Hey everybody!
This is an illustration :iconjanaschi: and me did together for Magic: The Gathering's upcoming M12 core set. The card this is for is actually crazy strong O__O
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MysticalSkeletonHobbyist Digital Artist
I like a lot of the weird and gross creatures in MTG, like the Eldrazi and such, but this art is one I always come back to. I think if I had to pick a favorite all time art from the game, this one would be it. If there's a print out there somewhere of this, I think I'd buy it. It's just absolutely great
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Very lovely work.
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Wolfgang-BlaineProfessional Digital Artist
I only just now learned that this wast hosted on DeviantArt, and had to come leave a comment. This is by far one of the most evocative and inspiring pieces of art I've ever seen. Never before have I been moved to tears by the sheer strength of hope and determination that a piece invoked in me. I just wanted to throw my hat in and praise such a beauty!
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fahzbehnProfessional General Artist
I know this is *years* after it came out, but this is still one of my favorite pieces of Magic art.  Are prints available?
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You're sooo right HalfLucan....Just happened to me.  So Powerful and beautiful of a card that I had to stop Duels and look it up
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This is the card that everyone pauses to see before i destroy them with it xD
Thank you (and Janaschi) for my favorite card
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Hey is there anyway to buy this as a print?? I whish I could :(
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May i ask who is on the the art? (if its a named character). Because it reminds me of Thalia which of cours would be the sickest seeing into the future considering when this was made.
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Fantastic art... my girlfriend destroyed me with this card. o_o
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Dobrinin1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Wesson87Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Best Art ever printed in MTG. You are truly gifted in ways others could only dream of.
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DillekHobbyist Digital Artist
This is beautiful! I definitely love it!
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LuxialHobbyist Digital Artist

Angelic Destiny by Alpenfleger is a masterpiece painted using the media Photoshop. At first glance, it’s the beautiful, ethereal lighting on the grass that sets your attention: the sun bathing on the grass swaying in the wind, leading up to the heroine’s glowing boots and gauntlets which allow the eyes to then slowly and tastefully ease in on the character’s flowing cape and then finally her face and hair, then finally as the whole character herself. She is holding onto a sword with her right hand raised and hair swirling in the wind, illuminated by the sun’s rays. Her confident grasp and body posture matches perfectly with her strong, yet solemn expression. Her armour glints in the right places; whether partially illuminated by rays of light from the sun or from the reflected light of the grass and sits well on her body as a whole. The proportions matches with the perspective: like the camera in the setting is resting on the grass, pointed slightly upwards. The church behind her is stunning with the beautiful architecture and colourful stained glass, yet not too vibrant with colour so as it does not take away the main subject of the painting; the heroine wielding a silver blade.  On the glass behind her perfectly positions white, angelic wings that matches and justifies the title; Angelic Destiny, a creative way of giving her wings without spoiling the image with too many complications and compositions. The purple lavender and its loose swirling petals along with small white flowers contrast well with the grass, making sure the audiences’ eyes won’t get tired of an abundance of green by colouring the palette with dots of other colours. The lighting is amazing and fully utilises its ability as an attraction to the eye and pleasantly guides the eyes around wonderful details prevalent in the painting. Not only does it serve its purpose as a visual guide, the lighting is also impeccable in that it all makes sense. Every highlighted place has an explanation and correct correlation with each other, such as  the domino of light from the sun’s rays onto the grass that then reflects itself upon her boots and then her armor. The shadows in this painting flow around the character in an almost circular manner, continuing to single the heroine out as the main point of interest in the painting. The darkness around the edges and background prevents the eyes from overloading with information from detail, allowing the picture to have a central focal point for a more aesthetically pleasing image. All other details, like the skies in the background are all blurred to some degree in order to once again prevent the eyes from wandering and zoning out. Improvements to this painting may be for there to be less flying petals and to minimalise the banners flying on the sides of the sides of the church in order to reduce visual noise. This will make the picture cleaner and less chaotic, which therefore makes it more aesthetically pleasing on the eyes

All in all, is a beautiful, incredibly thought out piece filled with colour and ethereal lighting.

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IamveryfastHobbyist Traditional Artist
The flowers, i love the flowers
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UNIesque Digital Artist
Your lighting is so inspiring~! ^^
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loved that card, had a playset
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cbmangakaStudent Traditional Artist
my fav card <3
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BriannabaterProfessional Photographer
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Ya...this picture evokes strong emotions of hatred, since it means I'm going to lose the game of Magic when my opponent plays this card. Awesome artwork tho, worthy of the card fo' sho'
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ElainuarStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful colors and beautiful technique
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^_^ love the wings in the background. great idea and well executed overall. 
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Amazing and emotion-invoking. Best stuff ever. Need to make print for this so I can hang on my wall...
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profutur1971Professional General Artist
Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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