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Wow, this one was a lot harder than I expected =0

While thinking about what influenced me I noticed it wasn't really that much art, but more... awesome things o_o And two particular artists that to me seem like fixed stars... shining in non-changing distance, brighter than all the others *__*

The main thing though are aspects of the world that always leave me in awe, and wise, wise people that influenced the way I see (or, helped me to really see) the world and life. No matter what humans do, it all seems tiny, almost unnoticable in the face of the incredible, beautiful, inspiring universe we live in. So that's why it takes up that much space in the map. Aaah... space <3

And anime, music and games of course, can't forget that! +1 if you recognize all of them <3

Hey did you know that it was Richard Dawkins who, in 1976, invented the word "Meme" to begin with? Without him, we wouldn't have all this :'D

Anyways, see you around!
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That's a fantastic influence map there :)
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Yoko Kannooooooooooooooooooooooo!! <3<3<3

Surprised not to see Studio Ghibli, but certainly GitS is a solid title too, especially the second movie IMO (from which your image is taken obv).

I love how you are in awe with the universe. I wish I could feel the same way, sometimes do, but lately am mostly overwhelmed by the ugliness and how harsh our world is. But back to how you are in awe : why the heck do people lie to their kids about Santa while they could introduce them to science's wonders, space, etc.. I went (semi-seriously) stargazing with a friend for the first time this week-end, got to know about the big dipper and such, and it was so exciting, felt like I was thrown back into childhood somehow.

Also, very curious as to why Anime would be more important to you than Manga? Maybe that's just the way it's been for you so far, watched a lot, didn't read much manga?
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Innocence 2 scared me as a kid (I was like, 8 years old) and when the geisha's face opened up I used to pee myself from fright since I have a phobia of eyes.

; w ;
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I still get a bit freaked out nowadays when I listen to the soundtrack at night haha.

The scene where Batou gets hacked and there's like the looping thing was whack too!
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Yeah, watching the trailer alone makes my legs shake from fright.

On that scene, I was super confused as to what was happening. But then I re-watched it and was like 'ohhh'. I wasn't expecting another face to pop open at that time though, so when watching it at 8 years old I almost pee'd again. Luckily, the first time with the geisha already made me empty my bladder to avoid doing to again, so I was lucky the bed was intact. Hahahah

I still don't want to watch that movie ever again, due to that movie and my uncle scaring me by staring at me with wide-eyes, I formed an eye phobia over the course of 6 years. It makes me angry knowing that was the case, and that it was all my uncle's fault.

At least I didn't watch 'IT' as a kid, or I'd have clown phobia as well. Which is a shame since I love circus attractions.
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Damn :c sorry you got exposed to it prematurely!

I'm surprised when I look back to what I watched when I was young, somehow a lot of pretty dark stuff seemed not to affect me back then.
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I got here via the original meme. I didn't notice the name and whilst looking at this, I spotted 'Linda bergkvist'.. I was like wait this sounds a bit this alpen..nah probably not. And then I sroll down and see that it is indeed alpenpfleger! It's cool that you draw inspiration from such varied sources ..Richard Dawkins even! My influences tend to be...ahem.. more crude.  >__>
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Metal Gear Slid.
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Ahhh yess Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins are also one of my biggest inspirations!! ; o ; (In both science and art!)
I love all of Carl Sagan's books haha;;; I wish I could get physical copies of them ):
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How did you that without affecting the grid?
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Where's the kitty from?
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Richard dawkins an influence? Must be pretty intellectual, then.
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Hey, sag mal, wer is denn des hübsche Mädel, das Du als Sinnbild für Musik genomme hast? Kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor, als müsst ich sie kenne... :) Wär nett, wenn Du mir auf die Sprünge helfen würdest :)
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Cool, this helped me realized that this relates to my writer friend as well
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Hey hun~
First off, amazing influence map, I absolutely love it, it is very inspiring.
But, I really must know because it's positively killing me; where did you get the image at the top? I'm not entirely sure what it is, because I'm not that hardcore (The Canadarm is my best bet), but it is a stunning shot and I'd love to see the full photo and read up about just what that beautiful piece of machinery is. <3
Please and thank you, if you can remember the source~
Have a lovely day,
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Penguins! I <3 Penguins. :-)
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I love this one! Is it possible for anyone to possess more pure rock awesomeness than Carl Sagan?
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This may be the most inspiring influence map I've seen so far.
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Interesting way to do this! It's amazing, I love it!
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the pale blue dot once more a good example of it's influence. XD
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this is really nice :D
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I love the pale blue dot. :) I also made one, and same thing; most of my influences aren't artists but creative writers.
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