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Hannes' Brushes

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People have been asking for a while and I like sharing, so here's my brushes!

I made all of these myself, using handpainted brushtips and some of PS's default tips.

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nondesigns0New Deviant


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thanks you so much

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thank you for your work and share

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thank you !

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MeeerleeeHobbyist Digital Artist

An artist from tumblr suggested them, her name is Joules and this is the post

I downloaded them and tried and i love them !!

Thank you for sharing :^> <3

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CanelayotrasespeciasHobbyist General Artist
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boanoiteanaHobbyist General Artist
 thank you!
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JYongKimArtProfessional Digital Artist
Hi, thank you for your hardworking and sharing. I've been using your brush just like your screenshot. But somehow I messed my setting up(I assume), and every stoke is just flat. Do you or anyone knows how to fix this problem?
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Awesome, thanks you!
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ChipBiscuitHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, these look really nice, and I'd love to use them! Unfortunately the download link doesn't seem to be working :/ Please could you reupload them?
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vividpainterStudent Traditional Artist
thank you sooo much!! this will help me a lot!!!:happybounce: :happybounce: 
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YuriKoalaStudent Artisan Crafter
obrigado!!! ^^
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MadNihilKnightStudent Digital Artist
Thank you for sharing, I'm eager to use these (:
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wool-gathererHobbyist General Artist
Aufrichtigen Dank für diese geniale Zusammenstellung.
Ich hab damit mein erstes vollständig digitales Bild gepinselt und hätte es ohne diese Pinsel nicht annähernd geschafft *______*

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TaliWingsStudent Digital Artist
This may be old, but the artist wants to see actual, supportive, caring comments. Not this garbage. They may get hurt thinking they don't care, think twice before copy and pasting such dumb stories and texts.

And hide the comment so nobody will get disturbed!
Or distracted.
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PendulumWingHobbyist Digital Artist
Keep your chain mail off DeviantArt.
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IronClawtheNFHobbyist Digital Artist
stop spamming chain mail, it's all fake and it just clogs things up, plus the artist wants to see real comments, like about how nice her brushes are.
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EvesaysmeowHobbyist Digital Artist
F You
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EvesaysmeowHobbyist Digital Artist
Sry I just keep getting these crazy ass creeps in my room from these kinds of posts... 
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SasoriDemonHobbyist Artist
Thanks ;)
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